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Thank you for visiting www.stockideas.org! I just acquired this website and am ready to give it an overhaul with the best stock, investment and trading ideas for you.

If you visited stockideas.org before today, you would have found a site promoting penny stocks and other strange investment notions. But new ownership is in town at stockideas.org… so…

If you’re looking for the best stock ideas in 2013, you’ve come to the right place.

So what can you expect from stockideas.org? That’s a great question…

In future posts, I will discuss what I look for in the perfect stock idea, what to avoid when assessing stock ideas, as well as where to find the best stock trading and investment ideas for your portfolio.

I will also (eventually) add a portfolio page and a watchlist page, so that you can see the stock ideas I am evaluating on any given day. This will help you identify your own investment opportunities.

On this website you will also find reviews of books about stocks, as well as other investing blogs and popular resources. Since I have spent so many years investing in stocks, I hope to save you some time and money by sharing my experiences with online investment subscription services, as well as books and free blogs that can help you earn a higher rate of return in your portfolio.

So thank you for visiting stockideas.org – please check back soon as I will be updating stockideas.org with more and more stock ideas every day. My goal is to help the individual investor by sharing my stock ideas. This also helps me refine and rework my investing ideas and concepts.

At the end of the day, my hope is that we all become more intelligent investors.

Disclaimer: Stockideas.org is at no time recommending the purchase or sale of any security whatsoever.

Thanks for visiting stockideas.org

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