Wealthing Like Rabbits Book Review

Wealthing Like Rabbits Book Review

Is Wealthing Like Rabbits the right book for you?

Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert R. Brown is an Original introduction to personal finance.

But before we get into this book review, I want to let you know I got this book for free. It was given away at a personal finance conference I attended. But I don’t think this will bias my review.

The other thing I should mention from the outset of this book review, is that Wealthing Like Rabbits is primarily a book for Canadians. While the basic personal finance lessons still apply to those in the USA, the account types discussed are all specifically about Canada. So if you’re looking for a personal finance book for south of the border, you might be better off with something like I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Now, with all that preamble out of the way, let’s get down to the business of this book review. Sound Good?

What’s Wealthing Like Rabbits All About?

As you’d expect, Wealthing Like Rabbits is an introductory-level book about personal finance.

In summary, this book covers the blocking and tackling of sound financial management. And even though this is something I am familiar with, it’s always good to get a fresh perspective and a thorough refresher.

Speaking of fresh perspective…

Wealthing Like Rabbits is a pretty eccentric book. But I kind of like that. It makes the topic of personal finance much more bearable (similar to The Wealthy Barber). I think this “easy to access” education is especially important for those who are just starting to learn about finance and investing.

Books like Wealthing Like Rabbits make it much easier for people to start empowering themselves with financial education. And that reminds me of the best pat of Wealthing Like Rabbits.

Let me tell you war I mean.

The Best Part of Wealthing Like Rabbits:

The best part about the book Wealthing Like Rabbits, is how actionable the information is. I think this is especially important in the world of personal finance, because the power of compounding really does work for or against you. If you aren’t snowballing money for your future, then time is working against you. So for that reason I really appreciated the actionable urgency of this book.

As an example, one thing I didn’t know about was the T1213 form, which allows you to reduce your payroll tax by declaring you’ll make RRSP contributions. Pretty cool, right? I’m going to put this tip into action for myself. But Wealthing Like Rabbits doesn’t stop there.

Whether you’re looking for insight on buying vs. leasing a car, renting vs. buying a house or paying down debt vs. saving for retirement, Wealthing Like Rabbits has actionable information that you can use. For this reason, I think the book is a great primer on personal finance.

Now, in the interest of giving a balanced book review, I wanted to let you know that the book isn’t perfect.

One Weak Spot for Wealthing Like Rabbits:

Wealthing Like Rabbits is a good introductory read for those looking to learn more about personal finance, there’s no denying that. But as is the case with almost any introductory text, they try to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

I appreciate the author’s struggle. You want the book to be comprehensive without being intimidating. And I agree with the author’s approach that it’s better to drive home a few key fundamental points with lots of different examples in different areas of life. But there’s also a drawback to this approach.

Personally, I find that these types of book (including Wealthing Like Rabbits), tends to jump around a bit. The experience as a reader is a little disjointed, because while the theme of personal finance is consistent, the book doesn’t have much of a narrative. I realize this isn’t the end of the world, but I think a more cohesive journey for you as the reader can help you get even more out of the book.

So now that you’ve seen the pros and the cons of Wealthing Like Rabbits, let’s bring this book review to a close.

Wealthing Like Rabbits – The Final Word:

Wealthing Like Rabbits  is a good introduction to personal finance, especially for your Canadian cousin who overspends and under saves. Plus, the book is pretty fun and easy to read. For that reason alone, it’s worth checking out Wealthing Like Rabbits on Amazon.

But if you’re still on the fence, feel free to watch the video book review below to get even more insight into whether or not Wealthing Like Rabbits  is the right personal finance book for you.

Wealthing Like Rabbits – Video Book Review:

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