Warren Buffett Investing Advice on The Office

Warren Buffet was on The Office giving out investment advice. I love Warren Buffett, and I love The Office. So when I saw Warren Buffett on The Office I was pretty excited, and since he was giving out investing advice in this clip, I wanted to share it with you here…

So Check Out Warren Buffett’s Investing Advice On The Office:

Watch Warren Buffett’s investing advice in this cameo on season 7, episode 25 of The Office. In the scene, he is interviewing for the new “branch manager” position after Michael leaves. It’s a short clip, but worth checking out…

I’m sure Warren Buffett would have a plethora of investing advice were he to be a regular on The Office. And even in this short clip it’s amazing to see how he’s frugal and laser focused on the bottom line. Even in a fictionalized show, Warren Buffett’s true to his investing advice.

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So now tell me, what’s your favourite Warren Buffett investing advice? And if you’re looking for more time-tested investing advice sign up for exclusive email-only advice below.

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