trading rules from the pros

Trading Rules from the Pros

Have you heard of Olivier Tischendorf? His website, is a trove of stock trading information. Plus, for those Canadians out there, he focuses on a lot of TSX and venture listed stocks, which makes the information even more actionable.

But today, I want to focus on some of the third-party resources he’s managed to compile, and shares so freely on his website. Specifically, there are some great trading rules that are worth regularly reflecting on.

First, Tischendorf has his own trading rules. For any technically-minded trader, these will likely ring true. And from there, Tischendorf has assembled a variety of other trading rules from the pros:

This collection of trading rules is a trove of timeless wisdom, and I’m grateful that Tischendorf was wise enough to compile them for us. For one, I always like to look for common themes and ideas when comparing lists like this. Insights that are shared by independently successful traders are especially worthy of attention.

And in cases where these ideas contract each other, I try to think critically about the point of view of each participant. In most cases, the nuances come clear and even more insight is gained. Think about how these rules relate to the rules you’ve already developed on your own.

Beyond the trading rules above, I encourage you to click through to his website and read more. There’s tons of great information and wisdom that can help you avoid some of the most malicious mistakes that impact new and experienced traders alike.  The “Key Posts” in his sidebar are particularly relevant and will be worth your time.

So now let me ask you, what are your key trading rules? What do you think is most important for stock trading success?