Tips For How to Trade Penny Stocks

how do you trade penny stocks

Without some guidance, learning how to trade penny stocks can be a real maze

How Do You Trade Penny Stocks? In one word: Carefully! Learning how to trade penny stocks can be an expensive process if you’re not very very careful. So to help you speed up your learning curve I’ve assembled a number of resources to help you navigate the online penny stock trading minefield.

By the time you finish reading this blog you will be well on your way to learning what to watch out for in the world of penny stock trading. Of course profitably trading penny stocks will take some practice. And whenever you’re trying out new investment strategies I always recommend you try out a good stock simulator before putting real money on the line.

If you want to skip-ahead, you can also try outsourcing your penny stock ideas through a premium service like The Penny Stock Egghead.

Now let’s get into it the best tips for how to trade penny stocks yourself.

Free Resources For How To Trade Penny Stocks:

How To Find the Best Penny Stock to Buy: This blog post gives you a good overview of what to look for in strong penny stocks. You want to look out for both fundamental and technical patterns that can signal true strength in a penny stock, rather than just a short term pump job. Speaking of which…

How to Spot Penny Stock Scams: By no means is this a definitive guide. But you can pretty quickly learn the most common penny stock scams and how to avoid them. The good thing about penny stock scams is many of them happen the same way. So watch out for these common clues and you’re one step closer to avoiding the worst penny stock scams of all.

How To Find Penny Stocks Breaking Out: A lot of traders like penny stocks is because of their explosive percentage moves. This blog post shares my favourite stock screen for finding penny stocks that are breaking out. I’m a pretty conservative investor but this stock screen has provided me lots of great stock ideas.

Best Penny Stock Trading Videos Online: If you’re looking for more penny stock trading screens then check out these video. There are a number of different ways to approach penny stock trading and in these videos I show you some of the best tricks and tools I use to find penny stock trading opportunities.

Popular Penny Stock Products and Services in 2014: Some readers have been asking me about penny stock products and services in 2014, so I did some research. I have not tried these, so be careful with them (remember what I said about scams?). They might be good sources for ideas every once in awhile, but just be careful.

How Do You Trade Penny Stocks?

Now that I’ve shared some of my tactics for trading penny stocks, I want to hear from you. Do you have a successful approach to penny stock trading? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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