The Wealthy Barber Returns Book Review

The Wealthy Barber Returns, by David Chilton, offers Significantly Older and Marginally Wiser, Unique Perspectives on the World of Money.

Of course, the reason the book is significantly older, is because it’s something of a sequel to The Wealthy Barber, which was a personal finance classic here in Canada (over 2 million copies sold!) But I never read it.

Then last week, I was at the Canadian Personal Finance Conference, and the author, David Chilton was a keynote speaker. I quite enjoyed his talk, and thought it went well beyond personal finance. And then I noticed a free copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns in my conference bag. The book is only about 200 pages of light and punchy writing. So I tore through it pretty quickly.

And my hope is, by the time you’re done reading this book review, you’ll have a good understanding of whether this is the right personal finance book for you.

What The Wealthy Barber Returns is All About:

The Wealthy Barber Returns is a funny, smart and to the point book about personal finance best practice for Canadians. The book talks about the basics of spending, staying out of debt and paying yourself first. But it does it in a refreshing and entertaining way. If you’re new to the world of personal finance, you’ll find this book easy to read and simple to understand. Not bad, right?

The Wealthy Barber Returns goes on to offer advice about RRSPs vs TFSAs, the dangerous cost of line-of-credit-enabled home renovations and the benefits of forced savings and index investing. All in all, the book is a pretty great primer on personal finance, especially for Canadians. Now let me tell you about my favourite part of this book.

The Best Part of The Wealthy Barber Returns:

The Wealthy Barber Returns isn’t necessarily ground-breaking. It’s good old-fashioned advice you can rely on. So if you’re looking for an innovative investment strategy this isn’t the book for you. On the other hand…

The best part of this book is it delivers this time-tested material in a way that’s engaging and entertaining. A lot of personal finance advice, although simple, is lost on people because of how boring it is. There’s no laugh factor, and that makes it dry to learn about if you don’t have a burning passion for this kind of stuff. And let’s face it, most people don’t.

For that reason, The Wealthy Barber Returns might make a good gift. If you have friends and family that could benefit from better money management this is an easy introduction that might really help them out. I think because of how short and entertaining the book is, even those with the biggest credit card deficits could get something out of it.

Where The Wealthy Barber Returns Could be Improved:

Personally, I quite enjoyed The Wealthy Barber Returns. But my only complaint would be that the book could have been structured a little bit better. While the book was easy to understand, it didn’t feel like there was much logic to the organization of the chapters. It was a little bit of a spattering of ideas.

I don’t think this necessarily took away from the value of the book. But it might have been a lost opportunity to create a little bit more of a narrative for the reader. All in all though, this is a relatively minor drawback and I’d still recommend The Wealthy Barber Returns.

Now let’s finish this up.

The Wealthy Barber Returns – The Final Word:

The Wealthy Barber Returns is a refresh of a personal finance classic. And it’s good to hear a contemporary update from a trusted voice in the world of money. Plus, the book was easy and fun to read. I think that’s  an often under-rated aspect of personal finance books. For these reasons I recommend you check out The Wealthy Barber Returns on Amazon.

If you’re still not convinced this is the right book for you, I recommend you watch the video book review below. This will give you even more insight into The Wealthy Barber Returns, to help you decide if you’d like to read it.

The Wealthy Barber Returns – Video Book Review:

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