The Intuitive Investor Book Review

The Intuitive Investor Book Review

The Intuitive Investor

The Intuitive Investor by Jason Apollo Voss is a Radical Guide for Manifesting Wealth.

This book came up on my radar because the author, Jason Voss, writes regularly for the CFA Enterprising Investor blog. Eventually, I started reading his website and purchased his book. In this book review, I’ll tell you if that was the right decision.

But before we get into the book, I’d also like to further introduce you to the author. His credentials and success were another important reason why I bought this book.

First of all, Voss retired before the age of 35. Anybody who has cracked that code is definitely worth listening to, if you ask me. Plus, he was a portfolio Manager for a well-regarded mutual fund. And he beat his benchmark by a long shot, during his money management career. So with that in mind, it’s pretty amazing you can buy his insights for much less than a nice dinner out.

The Intuitive Investor Book Summar:

The Intuitive Investor is a radical guide for manifesting wealth. But the book approaches this in a much different format from most other investment books. And by the way, I’ve read a ton of trading and investing books. Most of these books are analytical or anecdotal accounts of how to beat the market. They focus on methodologies, strategies and tools to help you try and outperform the pros.

But that’s not what this book is about. And I’m actually happy for that. In fact, I think this book is closer to Trading in the Zone, than The Intelligent Investor.

That’s because The Intuitive Investor is focused on helping you tap into the powers of your creative right-brain and harnessing insights to drive investment success. And it’s fascinating stuff.

The book starts with a discussion of emotions, feelings and their implications for investors. This is ground that isn’t often covered, but it’s absolutely essential. Because at the end of the day, humans are emotional creatures and if we’re not careful our emotions can have a big impact on our actions. For better, and for much, much worse.

From there, the book introduces a number of frameworks for how to access your right brain, to receive insight and intuition that can help your investments outperform. As far as investing books go, this is pretty esoteric stuff. And I wouldn’t blame you for feeling skeptical.

But keep in mind the author’s credentials, and throughout the book he absolutely emphasizes the importance of sound and diligent left-brain driven analysis. Actually, those are the table stakes. This book goes further into how to access your entire thinking apparatus to achieve the financial future you want. Now let met tell you what I liked most about The Intuitive Investor.

The Best Part of The Intuitive Investor:

If you ask me, the best part of The Intuitive Investor was how actionable the book was. This trait primarily displayed itself in three ways.

First, the entire book is very well-structured. The key concepts are broken down into digestible parts, from the 4 Principles to the 7 Behaviours and Beliefs, this book lays out incredibly insightful ideas in easy to understand pieces. In fact, Voss asserts the most important investment skill is “understanding information.” So he does his readers a big service by sharing his wisdom in straightforward and simple terms.

Next, the book is also very actionable. Each chapter ends with self-assessment questions, and exercises. To be honest, I need to put a little more work into these parts of the book myself. Since I read it while commuting it was a little bit tough to do all of the exercises. Nonetheless, the author put in a lot of thought and effort into helping you get the most bang for your book. Especially since there’s talk of meditation included it’s helpful the author gives specific action steps.

Finally, Voss shares interesting and educational investment anecdotes from his professional career. Not only is it insightful to better understand how a professional portfolio manager finds and considers investment ideas, but these anecdotes

What The Intuitive Investor Is Not:

If you’re looking for a trading system, analytical technique or some crazy scheme to get rich, this book isn’t it. On the other hand, if you seriously contemplate the material in The Intuitive Investor it can help you live a much richer life. Further…

I know there are readers out there who will scoff at this book. They’ll call it soft, fluffy and irrelevant. But I’d be willing to bet a pretty penny that’s just their ego trying to defend itself. Therefore, if you’re willing to think a little bit differently and consider some new ideas you might want to pick up The Intuitive Investor for yourself.

With that, let’s wrap it up…

The Intuitive Investor – The Final Word:

As you’ve probably surmised by now, The Intuitive Investor is an intriguing investing book that will make you think about your portfolio, and yourself, in entirely new ways. For this unique perspective alone, I recommend you pick up a copy of The Intuitive Investor on Amazon.

Now, if you still aren’t sure if this book is for you, I encourage you to watch the video book review below to finally decide once and for all if The Intuitive Investor is the book for you.

The Intuitive Investor – Video Book Review: