Tested Stock Trading Systems

tested stock trading system

Keep your stock trading on track with these tested stock trading systems.

Tested Stock Trading Systems are more popular than ever. And that’s because tested stock trading systems are no longer reserved to institutional money managers, mutual funds and hedge ¬†funds.

In fact…

The proliferation of the internet has made tested stock trading systems more available to self-directed and individual investors than ever before. And after you read this blog post you’ll have a clear grasp on what goes into a tested stock trading system and how you can find a stock trading system that works for you. So let’s dive into it…

Building Blocks of Tested Stock Trading Systems

Before you build or buy your tested stock trading system, there are some foundational concepts you need to keep in mind. These are the building blocks of a tested stock trading system. And without them you won’t have a reliable stock trading system that you can back-test and improve upon.

So what are these building blocks of a tested stock trading system?

Basically, when you’re building a tested stock trading system you need to have a simple trading plan. But don’t worry, this step is actually very easy. The main point to keep in mind is you need some basic rules to help you with your stock trading decision making. You need simple guidelines to determine when you buy and when you sell. You see…

You can’t build or buy a tested stock trading system to automate your trading if you don’t have conviction int he simple guidelines that dictate when your system buys and sells. Make sense?

Now if you haven’t thought about making a trading plan before, here’s what you can do…

Research Other Tested Stock Trading Systems:

An easy way to get acquainted with a tested stock trading system is to read about the trading systems that other people have built. While most tested trading systems are based on proprietary stock market models, there are still lots of information sources you can use to read about the tested stock trading systems others have built.

One book that I found particularly helpful in acquiring a “trading system” mindset is The Best Trading System by Chris Beanie. This book is very simple and easy to read. But it helps you start to think like a “system trader.” Until you have a mental framework to guide your decision making and help you have conviction in your trading system you won’t be profitable. Reading books like the one above really helped open my eyes to this type of thinking. And…

It prepared me for the final step in getting the perfect tested stock trading system.

How To Make Your Own Tested Stock System:

The final step to getting a tested stock trading system is to make one! Of course you can buy someone else’s stock trading system. But you might as well subscribe to a penny stock service if that’s your approach. I think building your own tested stock trading system is the best way to get a trading system that works for you. Plus it’s easy and fun!

Let me show you what I mean…

Tested stock trading systems can be built online.And it’s faster than you think. One of the coolest websites to help you build your own tested stock trading system is Quantopian. The great thing about this stock system building website is you can back-test all of your ideas against their 11 years of data. Plus, you can also steal, tweak and modify the tested trading systems that others have built! Finally, you can integrate your Quantopian system with your online brokerage account. It’s really amazing…

Even only a few years ago you would not have been able to build and test your own stock trading system. But nowadays with all of these free online trading services and communities it’s easier than ever to find and customize the perfect tested stock trading system for you. What more can you ask for?

So, now that you know the basic knowledge required, and the exact tools you can use to implement your stock trading strategies why don’t you try building your own tested stock trading system? It’s easier than you think and can help put your capital gains on autopilot (assuming everything doesn’t go wrong!)

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