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The Manual of Ideas (Book Review)

manual of ideas book review

Learn why The Manual of Ideas is a value investing book worth reading…

The Manual of Ideas by John Mihaljevic is “The Proven Framework For Finding The Best Value Investments.”

The Manual of Ideas is a contemporary and straight-forward discussion about how to apply value investing ideas and methodology to modern markets.


In this book review, I’ll share what The Manual of Ideas is all about, what I liked about the book and why it’s worth reading if you’re at all interested in improving your value investing skills. So to kick things off…

Let me tell you why The Manual of Ideas is such a good book.

Why “The Manual of Ideas” is a Good Book:

The Manual of Ideas is a concise but thorough review of modern day value investing. But whereas other books like The Art of Value Investing are a compilation of newsletters and quotes, The Manual of Ideas is a cohesive chapter-by-chapter about how to exploit different styles of value investing. It’s incredibly informative.

That’s because The Manual of Ideas walks you through all of the most common approaches to value investing. The chapters cover things like “Graham-Style” deep value, small cap value investing, equity stub investing, international value investing, and much much more. And though the author is a chartered CFA member, the book also features quotes, essays and insights from other prominent value investors.

In fact, most of the chapters have list of modern day value investors that practice the style of value investing described in that chapter. This makes it really easy to find thought-leaders in the value investing areas you are most interested. It also provides a lot of credibility to the different types of analysis.

But even though the analysis surrounding value investment decisions is often complex, The Manual of Ideas uses plain English and is relatively easy to understand. While some prior knowledge of value investing is recommended, the book is well-structured and each chapter has key takeaways that help you apply the value investing lessons highlighted in The Manual of Ideas.

But to be honest, that’s not even my favourite part…

What I Liked Most About The Manual of Ideas:

The Manual of Ideas is an insightful discussion of the different value investing styles and methodologies that are popular and effective today. The book provides in-depth insight into the different ways value investing thinking can be applied to profit in global securities’ markets. And that’s the part I really liked…

The Manual of Ideas does a very effective job illustrating that value investing is a school of thought. While you can use hard financial metrics to quantify the value investing decisions, it is first and foremost a theory that be interpreted and applied to opportunistically exploit manifold investing ideas.

It’s hard to say exactly why, but I really enjoyed how The Manual of Ideas showed different ways value investing works, depending on the situation. It’s easy to get dogmatic about investing strategies but The Manual of Ideas did an amazing job reminding me that value investing is flexible and can be implemented in a large number of different ways.

Speaking of implementation…

The Manual of Ideas is an Actionable Book:

The Manual of Ideas is an incredibly actionable book. What do I mean by that? Well, each chapter talks about value investing strategies in the context of how you can implement them. It truly is a manual that teaches you to identify and evaluate your own value investing ideas. Specifically…

The chapters don’t only explain different value investing styles, they walk you through different stock screens you can use to find these ideas, as well as alert you to potential shortcomings. The book also shares valuable information about which valuation methodologies should be used in which situations.

The Manual of Ideas is incredibly helpful for modern day value investors because of this focus on actionable information. Throughout the book I really appreciated the author’s emphasis on how to implement the ideas in the manual. Too often, investment books are just high-level academic discussions about strategies for allocating capital. While that material is important, it’s refreshing to see a book that understands your need to actually profit from value investing.

So now that you have an overview and introduction to The Manual of Ideas, where do we go from here? Well, let’s see…

The Manual of Ideas – The Final Word:

The Manual of Ideas is a book I really enjoyed. I read a lot of investing and trading books, and this is one of the best… especially if you’re interested in value investing. So for that reason, I recommend you buy The Manual of Ideas on Amazon today.

The Manual of Ideas is only about 290 pages, but it is packed with information. And the way the author writes makes it very easy to read. If you’re looking to improve your value investing edge – and specifically your investment idea generating process – you’re going to have a tough time putting this book down. For more information, watch the video book review below…

The Manual of Ideas (Video Book Review):


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