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Free Stock Trading Psychology Videos

Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of trading psychology. So I hope these Free Stock Trading Psychology Videos are right up your alley. And the great thing about these videos is that you can listen to them on repeat and pick up something new each time.

So rather than bog you down with a bunch of pre-amble, let’s cut to the chase…

Free Stock Trading Psychology Videos:

One of my favourite trading psychology experts is Dr. Brett Steenbarger. Here are two great free lectures of his you can watch free…

Dr. Brett Steenbarger on Improving Trading Performance.
Dr. Brett Steenbarger interview on Trend Following Radio.

Both of the above talks are great. Dr. Brett has so many great insights it’s hard to pinpoint any part as my favourite. I promise he’ll make you think.

Another great perspective I enjoy in trading psychology is the late Mark Douglas. Here’s a video of him at his best: Mark Douglas – Mind Over Market.

Shifting back to Michael Covel for a minute, his podcast has interviews with all kinds of great trading psychologists. This interview with Dr. Van Tharp is definitely worth a listen.

Another timeless lesson in Market Psychology is this video presentation from Nick Radge. His discussion of qualitative vs. quantitative traits in trading is incredibly insightful. Do you have what it takes to make the journey? I have probably watched this video 50 times or more. Watch it to try and understand why your brain and instincts could be working against you.

And by the way, if you want more of Nick Radge, Michael Covel has two more interviews with him that you can listen to free here, and here. Now that you mention it, who hasn’t Covel interviewed?

Finally, I’m not sure who Manesh Patel is, and the production quality isn’t great, but the content in this free trading psychology video is very solid and I recommend checking it out when you’ve got some free time.

More Stock Trading Psychology Resources:

If you’re still hungry for free stock trading psychology information, I recommend you check out the books below. They are some of my favourite investing books; and in case you didn’t know, I’ve read plenty.
The Disciplined Trader
Trading Psychology 2.0
Zen in the Markets
Trading in the Zone