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Stock Option Trading Information

Stock Option Trading Information

Which option looks best to you?

Stock Options Trading Information can help you leverage your portfolio returns. But finding reliable stock option trading information isn’t always easy. And the financial landscape is littered with misinformation and confusion – especially for beginner traders moving from stock investing to option trading. So…

In this short blog post I’ll share some of my favourite stock option trading informational resources. And while options present a lot of profit opportunity for proactive stock traders, they can also erode your account if you aren’t careful.  So with that in mind, here’s where you should start…

Basic Stock Options Trading Information and Resources:

The following stock options trading information and resources can help you get acquainted with stock option trading, as well as find more advanced strategies to improve your option trading returns.

Option trading definitions are important to understand. These are the basics of stock option trading information and you may want to study some of the theory behind option trading before you invest any of your own money. Once you’re a little more familiar with the terminology, you can start to learn how to put stock option trading information into practice.

For example:

Investopedia has fantastic introductory stock option trading information resources for anyone looking to get up to speed with the basics of option trading. You can learn how options are priced, the difference between puts and calls, and what an option chain is. Investopedia puts a nice practical spin on the information, so you  If you’re just curious about option trading information, check out their Basic Stock Option Trading Information.

If you haven’t traded options before, there’s one other thing you should do before diving in…

Practice Applying Stock Option Trading Information:

Before you put your stock option trading information to work in your portfolio, I really encourage you to practice first. Even if you’ve been trading stocks on your own for years, options are an entirely different beast.  Seriously…

While Mock Stock Games are a great idea, option trading simulations (available from the same link) are even more valuable. Even if you read all the stock option trading information in the world, it’s hard to really understand options trading until you see them in action. Check out

Best Stock Option Trading Blog:

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of stock option trading information, let me share my favorite option trading blog with you. Keep in mind, the tactics discussed on this blog are a little more advanced. So be careful and always do your own research before making any decisions about trading stock options based on internet information. With that in mind…

The best stock option trading blog is The Option Addict. The author of this blog is a professional option trader who shares his stock option trading information with you on his blog. The thing that I really like about the information at this stock option trading blog is that the ideas are very actionable. The trading ideas from the blog are ones you can easily follow along with – and since they are often short dated options you don’t need a ton of money to play along at home.

So there you have it! Now you know my favorite sources of stock option trading information. And while trading stock options can be incredibly profitable, I really encourage you to play it safe and definitely get some practice before trying any of the options trading strategies you come across.

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