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2014 Stock Market Crash Predictions

There are lots of 2014 Stock Market Crash Predictions. And going into the second half of the year, you might be wondering if the stakes are getting higher for a stock market correction in 2014.

And I wouldn’t blame you.


In this short post let’s look at some of the most popular predictions for a 2014 stock market crash. Additionally, I’ll also share some external resources that I use as potential indicators for a stock market slow down. Sound good?

That means by the end of reading this post you should have a strong understanding of why people have predicted a stock market crash in 2014, as well as some possible signs to keep an eye out for. I can’t guarantee to protect you from a stock market crash in 2014 or any other time. But here are some of the things I’ve seen people talking about.

Predictions of a 2014 Stock Market Crash:

While predicting a stock market crash is not really my style (in 2014, or any other year), it’s still an interesting intellectual exercise to think about the possibilities of stock market mayhem.

But here are some of the more reputable individuals I follow who have warned of a stock market crash this year.

Perhaps the most famous word of warning for stock market participants in 2014 comes from David Tepper. At the SALT conference in Las Vegas a few months ago, Tepper warned fund managers not to be “too friggin’ long”. This call for prudence in the 2014 stock market made major headlines earlier in the year.

Another place to look for stock market crash predictions is the ForEx market.

The world of currency trading is still a bit foreign to me (no pun intended). But as I understand it, keeping an eye on the global money flow can give you an added advantage when navigating the equity universe. That’s why my attention was piqued when ForexKong made a 2014 US equity top call. So if the Yen can make a sustainable move higher this is a definite warning sign of a possible 2014 stock market crash.  For stock traders, watch if FXY can rally above  the 96 level.

Back in the world of common stocks, another 2014 stock market crash prediction that caught my attention came from former BlackRock portfolio manager Bluestar. A few months ago he warned “We Are Topping.” That link shares some hard to ignore facts about the global liquidity situation and what i means for individual investors, especially in terms of growth stocks.

So as you can see, there are a number of big and small market players warning about a 2014 stock market crash.  But whether a crash unfolds, well, only time will tell. So how are you preparing for a market crash in 2014? Is it something you would predict too?

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