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Real Money (Jim Cramer’s Book Review)

Real Money Book Review

Real Money by Jim Cramer

Real Money by Jim Cramer finally provides you with a framework for, “Sane investing in an insane world!

And I can assure you…

Real Money is Cramer’s most applicable and actionable book. By far.  It’s like he took his entire career in the financial industry (as described in Confessions of a Street Addict) and condensed all the lessons into a single book.

Seriously. Drop your preconceived notions about Cramer. And try to remember that he ran a hedge fund that did 30% a year for 10 years.  This book is a must-read if you’re interested in understanding how you can make money from stock market movement

Let me explain…

Why “Real Money” is a Must Read:

Real Money surprised me. To be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting this book to be so good. Cramer gives you a candid insiders look at how he made money in the stock market, every single year. And he shares plenty of ways you can apply his lessons to your own portfolio.

It’s great.

Another awesome aspect of Real Money is the way Cramer attacks the notion of “buy and hold” as a responsible investment strategy.  It’s clear that Cramer wants you to save up money. And he wants you to manage it responsibly, using what he calls “buy and homework.”

But it’s not like he stops there.

Once Cramer lays out the logic behind his “buy and homework” methodology, he quickly starts sharing his best tips and tricks for how you can benefit from moves in the market, too.

And let me emphasize one more thing…

Real Money does not talk in abstractions. It’s tactic after tactic, all grounded in a reasonable methodology that anyone can carry out on their own, with a little attention and focus. Sounds pretty good right?

Well, now that you’re feeling curious, let me tell you a little bit more.

The Best Part of Real Money:

Even though Real Money gives you a lot of tactics you can implement, the best part about the book is the strategic framework Cramer lays out for you. His “buy and homework” philosophy is practical and applicable. And it’s the keystone supporting everything else in the book.

I don’t want to give it all away. But basically Cramer gives you an idea of how to find specific stock ideas that will work for you. Then he tells you how to study them and stay on top of any developments in the company. You quickly learn when you should buy. And when you should sell.

What more can you ask for?

So the best part about Real Money is the way Cramer doesn’t just give you a metaphorical fishing rod. He takes you out on a boat to the deep water, and with the expert of a local guide he really makes sure you understand how to consistently land a catch.

Cramer’s Real Money uses a blend of fundamental and “price action” analysis to edge out more money, and boost his returns. Most importantly, his “buy and homework” framework makes all his tactics much more realistic to implement.

So by now you’re probably wondering if this is the investment book of the year, right? Well, before I get too carried away singing the praises of Real Money, let’s quickly talk about the downsides of Cramer’s most actionable book.

Where “Real Money” Comes Up Short:

Real Money is a great book. But buying any book for the wrong reason sucks. So I want to highlight one aspect of Real Money that might stop some of you from enjoying the book. And actually, this little shortcoming is the result of the main strength of the book.

Confused yet? Let me explain…

You see, Cramer has done a very good job compressing all his trading genius into Real Money. But as a result, the book covers a very wide breadth of material. Without a little bit of prior knowledge you might find that Real Money moves a little bit too fast.

Of course, the good part about all of this is how Cramer gives you enough information to take intelligent action in a number of different stock market scenarios. But if you’re curious about one of his techniques, you’ll need to look to external resources to dive deeper. Of course in this day and age, well, that’s pretty easy.

And anyway…

I think one of the great things about Real Money is exactly that: Cramer opens your eyes to a bunch of the different ways you can actually make a profit in the stock market. He gives you a lot of proven possibilities. And you can take it from there, right? So…

Is Real Money the investment book for you?

“Real Money”- The Final Word:

I guess whether or not you can benefit from Real Money depends on where you are in your stock market education. But getting the inside secrets from an industry expert is a sure way to shave years off your path to profitability. You know what I’m saying?

And truthfully…

When you’re successfully in the stock market you can make money so fast that these books often pay for themselves in a single afternoon. That said, if you’re worried about cost I recommend you buy Real Money on Amazon and get a discount.

“Real Money” Book Details and Video Book Review:

Author: Jim Cramer
Pages: 320
Publisher:Simon and Schuster

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