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Pre Market Quotes

Pre Market Quotes

Pre Market Quotes help you understand where the stock market is going – before it opens….

Pre Market Quotes can help you get a feeling for what your stocks are going to do, before the stock market opens. Having this advantage can help you adjust your trading plan to prepare for the stock market open. So…

In this short blog post you’ll learn the best place to find pre market quotes online. I’ll also share my favorite place to look at stock index futures and the best mobile app you can use for getting pre market quotes on your phone.

So here is the best website to get pre market quotes online:

Pre Market Quotes & Futures Online:

The best place to get pre market quotes and stock market futures information is from FinViz Futures. Not only does FinViz give you pre market quotes for stock indexes and currencies, it also gives you pre market quotes for commodities, bonds and precious metals. It’s the big picture!

The pre market quotes and futures on Finviz are also color-coded, which makes it very easy (at a glance) to get a feel for where the market indices and different asset classes are heading. This way you can instantly get a feel for if the market is going to collapse or push higher at the open – or if there are any other red flags you need to be aware of before the market starts trading.

By using FinViz Futures you can really get a feel for which way your stocks are going to go at the opening bell. But sometimes pre market quotes for indices and asset classes are not enough…

Pre Market Quotes for Individual Stocks:

While pre market quotes for the major stock market indices are helpful in giving you a general feel for market direction, sometimes you need pre-market quotes for individual stocks and securities. So how can you find these specific pre market quotes? Well…

If you’re just looking for a quick pre market quote the easiest way is to use Google Finance. You can just type in the stock ticker you are interested in, and if you do it during pre market trading you can usually get a pre-market quote. The pre market quote will be below the main Google Finance quote. This quote obviously isn’t perfect and doesn’t show you the volume, but you can get a feeling for where your stocks will open.

And if you want to dig a little deeper with pre market quotes for individual stocks:

The best best way get pre market quotes for your securities and companies of interest is simply to log into your brokerage platform. Not only do most online brokerage platforms have pre market trading, but you can also see more in-depth pre market quotes, including the bids, asks and volume. This is probably your best bet for getting pre market stock quotes if you are looking to trade stocks right at the opening bell.

But what if you need pre market quotes and you aren’t at your desk when the stock market opens? Well…

Mobile Pre Market Quotes:

If you’re looking for pre market quotes but you can’t be at your trading station then there are some great mobile apps you can use. Having access to pre market quotes on your cellphone makes it very easy to monitor the positions in your stock portfolio, even if you’re on the go. So what’s the best mobile app for free pre market quotes?

The best mobile app for pre market quotes is the CNBC app.  You can download this app for free from the iTunes store, or for Android devices. It’s definitely worth downloading the CNBC app if you’re looking for pre market quotes on your smart phone. Additionally…

The CNBC app has pre market quotes for all of the global stock markets and major asset classes. The app also allows you to make watch-lists of stocks that you like which is a very handy feature. When the pre-market is open you can click on any stock in your watchlist (or look up any quote) and see the pre market quote including volume. This is really helpful in seeing the strength of the pre market price change and if it’s something you should investigate further. Make sense?

Having access to pre market quotes can make your life as an investor a little less volatile. It’s nice to know which way your stocks are leaning before the market opens so that you can review and refine your trading system. So please review the sources of pre market quotes above, and if you have any other places you like to get pre market quotes let me know in the comments below, okay?

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