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Best Ben Graham Books

best ben graham books

By studying the best Ben Graham books below you too can improve your value investing methodology.

The Best Ben Graham Books are worthwhile reading for investors everywhere. That’s because Ben Graham has influenced the thinking of the best investors in the world, over the course of the last 60+ years. Luckily, Ben Graham has a couple of books that are still in print.


In this quick blog post we’ll look at the best Ben Graham books so you can see for yourself which ones are for you. I’ll also share some of my favourite Ben Graham-inspired books, that represent more contemporary takes on value investing. Now let’s dig into it…

Ben Graham’s Most Popular Book

If you took a random poll of investors, they would say Ben Graham’s best book is The Intelligent Investor. This book gives a practical and (relatively) easy-to-understand explanation of the world of value investing. And if you didn’t know…

Value investing is the investment school-of-thought that Ben Graham invented. The basic premise of value investing is that you can buy companies for less than they are actually worth (value). This is different from the more popular growth and momentum styles of investing where traders just pile on to stocks that are going up. Make sense?

If you’re at all curious about the world of value investing then I highly recommend you check out Ben Graham’s most popular book. Read a book review of The Intelligent Investor to get started.

And once you’re done with that, let’s go a step further…

Ben Graham’s Most In-Depth Book:

You might not have guessed it, but Ben Graham’s best book is actually a more condensed version of his most comprehensive book, Security Analysis. This investment textbook is what he used to teach value investing when he was a finance professor at Columbia University. Pretty impressive, right?

Well, I can definitely say Security Analysis is a thorough-read that any would-be security analyst would be well-served to read (a couple of times). But for the average individual investor this dearth of information is honestly a little bit much. Remember, it’s a university-level textbook discussing the fine points of evaluating how much an investment is – so while Security Analysis tells you almost everything you need to know, it’s necessarily a little dry.

Security Analysis does have a couple of great forewords and introductions by contemporary value investors. So along those lines, let’s look at…

The Best Ben Graham Inspired Books:

The best Ben Graham books have inspired a lot of more modern money managers and value investors to write about their own contemporary approach to value investing. While I still think the market is inefficient in the short term, information is a bit more accessible than it was at the start of Graham’s career. So these newer books can be helpful in understanding how to apply value investing ideas today.

  • The Art of Value Investing: Obviously this book is exclusively focused on value investing. The book is framed in a Q&A format and has a variety of today’s best value investors writing about their approach to finding stock ideas. The art of Value Investing serves as a nice refresher after reading Ben Graham’s books above.
  • You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: This off-the-wall value investing book is a great example of how to apply value investing methodology in special circumstances. The book shows you how to find value ideas in bankruptcies, spin-offs and corporate reorganizations. If you prefer value investing this book can really help you find special situations to apply your knowledge.
  • Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders: Warren Buffett is the ultimate discipline of Ben Graham’s school of value investing. Buffett has been practicing value investing his entire adult life. And his annual shareholder letters are incredibly educational in terms of showing how he as applied value investing throughout his career.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed learning about the best Ben Graham books, as well as these modern day extensions of the Ben Graham school-of-thought. If you’re looking for more books to help improve your trading and investing, I suggest you check out the investing book reviews section here at StockIdeas.org

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