Stock Market Analysis August 30, 2013

 Morning Stock Market Thoughts For August 30, 2013:

Although futures were soaring when I went to sleep, they’ve since settled down and we can expect a relatively flat open. I’ll be watching how gold deals with overhead supply and might try to stalk an entry if the pullback continues.

Trading Thoughts On Stocks I’m Watching Today:

— There isn’t much to report when it comes to my individual stocks. I’m watching for continued follow through in SNV and BRKS. But I’m not looking to deploy much cash into this long weekend…

I imagine most market participants will take a similar approach. Although, you might expect some end of month window dressing in names that have outperformed this summer.

Other Thoughts and Good Articles I’ve Read Today:

– 15 Questions a Good Investor or Owner asks is a great approach to Scuttlebutt

The unofficial guide to Wall Street dress is good for a chuckle.


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