Stock Ideas For December 2013

December 2013 Stock Ideas

What stock ideas do you see on the horizon in December 2013?

Stock Ideas for December 2013 are just what you need this holiday season. December is an interesting time for stock ideas, and 2013 is no exception. You can expect tax loss selling and end of year performance chasing… so… being on the right side of stock ideas in December is doubly important!

And while the potential downside can be daunting: The profit potentials for the best December 2013 stock ideas are impressive as any month of the year.

In this short blog post I will share my favourite stock ideas for December 2013. You’ll learn why I think these stocks make for good picks, as well as how I intend to trade them. Some of the stock ideas I share might not be your cup of tea, but hopefully you’ll get some value out of my stock ideas for December 2013. So here we go:

Stock Ideas For December 2013

    • AEG: This dutch insurer presents an interesting investment opportunity for December 2013. Management is disciplined and executing effectively. This is always important in insurance. The stock is also trading at a discount to a lot of other insurers. From a technical perspective AEG might be breaking out on a short, intermediate and long term time frame. I am long a small position of AEG and would like to buy more on a pullback or tight low-volume consolidation. Read more AEG analysisDecember 5 Update: AEG is selling off in a nasty way. There is no news and I don’t know why. I have sold most of my shares and will re-enter once things stabilize, assuming there is no change to the fundamental story.  December 9 Update: Price looks to have stabilized at the 20MA and AEG picked up an outperform by Raymond James
    • BRKS: Brooks Automation is a December 2013 Stock Idea coming off a strong month in November. I’m looking for some continued strength, although some overhead supply may assert itself. Read more BRKS analysis.
    • C: I need to do more research myself on this December 2013 Stock Idea, but it looks to be trading around tangible book value. Financials still remain much below their early 2000 highs and C looks like it has been consolidating for a few months. I am not long C yet but look forward to buying a breakout above 53.56 or the dip above 47.
    • IAG: IAG is a Canadian gold miner that has taken a severe beating this year. While there is a risk of tax-loss selling, the stock has been in the process of carving out a bottom for a few months now. This December 2013 stock ideas is a volatile mover so there is a chance for short counter-trend rallies. But I am keeping position sizes small and building up a longer term position slowly and taking quit profits on any short-term technical rallies. Management has been very disciplined in capital allocation – the key variable and another reason for small position sizes is the price of gold (and no catalyst for an increase).
    • SNV: SNV is an under-watched regional bank that has been strong both fundamentally and technically. Management is executing effectively and despite competition this December 2013 stock ideas continues to deliver strong operating results. I am hoping for a breakout to just under $4. SNV is also a potential buy out candidate for one of the much bigger competitors, which is another possible catalyst for future share appreciation. Read more SNV analysis.

  • TINY: TINY has been a stock idea stuck in the slow lane. But the price action in this under-valued nano-technology venture capital firm make the stock idea appealing for December 2013. We might just get a Christmas surprise. After years of neglect, management has finally started to make shareholder friendly suggestions and overtures that could materially influence the stock price. Since these announcements the stock has started to buoy higher. Any sustained move above 3.20 would be bullish in my eyes. But take this December stock idea with a grain of salt, because it trades thinly and this stock is hated buy many shareholders. Read more TINY analysis and the value trap thesis.

Full Disclosure About December 2013 Stock Ideas: I am actively trading in the above stocks. As of December 1, 2013 I am long all of these stocks to a varying degree, except C.

Stock Ideas For December 2013 [VIDEO]:

Stock Ideas For December 2013 – Word of Warning

If you are interested in the December stock ideas above, I just want to encourage you to do your own research before you think about buying or selling these holiday-season stock picks. While these are some of my best stock ideas this December, they might not fit your trading or investing style or time horizon. Please do your due diligence and make sure that any stock ideas you find from others fit within your stock trading system (hyperlink).

I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy. I just don’t want you to get burned by mishandling my December 2013 stock ideas. My crystal ball is very foggy at best. But hey…

Now that you’ve heard about my stock picks for the final month of the year, what are your December 2013 stock ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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