The Safe Investor Book Review

safe investor book review

Read this book review to learn if The Safe Investor is right for you…

The Safe Investor, by Timothy F. McCarthy is about “How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy.”

And you might not know it, but:

Tim McCarthy, author of The Safe Investor, was President and COO of Charles Schwab and Nikko Asset Management. So you know he is qualified to provide valuable global perspective and relevant current ideas to help you grow your nest egg over the decades to come. So…

In this book review of The Safe Investor, I’ll give you a recap of the book; including, what I liked most, and how you can get the most of out reading The Safe Investor.

And just one more thing before we get started…

I should also disclose that someone on Tim McCarthy’s staff contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the book. They sent me a free copy, but the thoughts and opinions below are entirely my own.

Now let’s get down to business and review The Safe Investor…

Why The Safe Investor is a Great Read:

The Safe Investor is an excellent book to bring you up to speed with all of your investing options. If you’re looking to consistently build your net worth in a responsible way, but you’re not sure where to start, The Safe Investor is the perfect book for you.

The Safe Investor does not assume much in the way of prior knowledge. It’s easy to understand and quick to read, even if you don’t have a working knowledge of financial services. I think the author’s global extensive experience in the financial industry has made him an adept communicator at all things finance and investing related. Make sense?

Anyway, beyond being interesting and straightforward, The Safe Investor is memorable. That’s because a lot of the lessons that are shared throughout the book rely on anecdotes and personal experiences. I find this approach helps you apply the investing wisdom contained in the book. It also makes the information more relatable to your current life so you can see how you might apply these lessons.

But The Safe Investor doesn’t stop there…

After sharing the most important concepts for financial literacy and lifelong independence, McCarthy also provides actionable steps, resources and tools you can use to apply his anecdotal advice and experiential concepts.


McCarthy gives detailed roadmaps and asset allocation plans based on your age, income and long term goals. It even gets into the specifics of what you should look for in your investment advisors (yes, plural) including what questions to ask and the mechanical steps you can take to safely transfer your money to a new advisor, broker or fund.

This type of actionable information is what a lot of finance books are missing. And McCarthy’s focus on actionable implementation make the ideas in The Safe Investor all that more valuable.

But that’s not all… you see…

Since The Safe Investor was just published in 2014, all of the ideas, explanations and examples are incredibly current. For people evaluating different mutual funds, bonds, and stocks this contemporary outlook is incredibly helpful. Sometimes it feels like books written before the financial crisis of 2008 are a little bit out of context. But The Safe Investor provides up to date insight that makes the book even more valuable.


If you want to learn more about the specific content and ideas in the book, (as well as supporting material for readers) you can visit

So while The Safe Investor does a lot of things right, there’s one aspect of the book that stands head and shoulders above most other personal finance and best practice investing books.

The Safe Investor is a Globally-Oriented Investing Book:

I’ve read a lot of investment books over the years. But to date, The Safe Investor is the best one in terms of illustrating the value and importance of investing in global opportunities.

In particular…

Not only does The Safe Investor do a great job explaining the benefits of investing in developing and growth markets, but the book also explains the risks in avoiding these markets. You see, while many investors might feel they are avoiding risk by investing only in their home country, The Safe Investor does a clear and compelling job showing why this is 100% wrong.

I wanted to mention this emphasis on global diversification because The Safe Investor does an especially good job describing the opportunities, both in conceptual terms as well as a country by country analysis to show you what you can expect from different international markets. This global focus was something that is missing from a lot of the classic investing books that are still referenced today.

But while I really enjoyed reading The Safe Investor, it’s not a book for everyone. Let me explain…

Who Shouldn’t Read The Safe Investor:

The Safe Investor is a really great book. But as with anything, there are definitely bound to be some audiences that will appreciate the lessons more. In this case…

I think The Safe Investor is best suited for anyone who has a bunch of money and isn’t sure what to do with it. Older and more conservative investors will especially appreciate the lessons contained in The Safe Investor. It’s a great refresher on best practice and the actionable tips make it the perfect fit to help you get you up to speed.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for specific technical analysis tips, trading strategies or stock analysis systems then The Safe Investor isn’t the right book for you. It’s a little bit bigger picture and while I’m sure you could still learn a lot from it, you might want to move onto something a little more narrow in focus. Make sense?

Now let’s finish up this book review.

The Safe Investor – The Final Word:

The Safe Investor is an excellent contemporary discussion about the best practice choices individual investors can make to secure their financial future. It also shows you the mechanical steps you need to take to do this process safely. The book is based on realistic outcomes and shows you how you can grow your nest egg at a reasonable rate of return without taking on too much risk.

This is money management best practice, and certainly worth reviewing if you aren’t already up to speed.¬†For that reason, I encourage you to buy The Safe Investor on Amazon. And if you’re still curious for a little more information then I encourage you to watch the video book review below.

The Safe Investor – Video Book Review:

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