Millionaire Teacher Book Review

millionaire aeacher book review

Find out why I recommend Millionaire Teacher to all my friends

Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam explains “The 9 Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School.”

Millionaire Teacher is a great personal finance book, especially for Canadians. It is about a regular teacher who diligently but quickly built up a million dollar stock portfolio. The cool thing is…

Millionaire Teacher is a very practical book. The book really shows you how financial freedom is available to the average person. And all you need are a few adjustments to your habits. So:

In this book review I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Millionaire Teacher to decide if it’s the personal finance book for you.

Who Will Benefit From Reading Millionaire Teacher:

Millionaire Teacher is a great personal finance book. If you are just getting started in the workforce and are starting to accumulate some savings, then Millionaire Teacher is definitely the book for you. Millionaire Teacher assumes no prior knowledge, and is a great introductory book for any Canadian who is starting to gather up some savings. More specifically…

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a TFSA, RRSP or tackle that lingering student deb, then Millionaire Teacher is definitely a book for you. It will give you a no-nonsense approach to personal money management. And learning these habits early will not only make them easier to achieve but allow you to compound their benefits for your entire professional life. Sounds pretty good, right?

On the other hand, if you’re very experienced with personal finance and are already actively investing in the markets then you’re probably going to find this book a bit introductory. Millionaire Teacher doesn’t have any groundbreaking stock picking techniques or test stock trading systems.

My Favourite Part of Millionaire Teacher:

Millionaire Teacher has a lot of great aspects. But my favourite part of Millionaire Teacher is the first section of the book. That’s because the book starts out as the personal financial biography of the author, Andrew Hallam. And the most interesting thing is that (as the title of the book implies) he is a regular teacher.

So Millionaire Teacher inspires some confidence and “believability” because the book features a regular guy who just uses personal finance best practice to really change his life. It makes you feel like you can do the same thing, which is something that’s missing from a lot of personal finance books today. It’s clear in this case that the author doesn’t start out with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he overcomes a lot of the challenges that you are probably facing today.

There are only a couple of esoteric tips that the average person realistically wouldn’t pursue. And I get the feeling they are added to inspire creativity But for the most part Millionaire Teacher is entirely realistic and totally feasible.

Millionaire Teacher – Canadian Investing Tips:

Millionaire Teacher is exclusively focused for Canadians. While there are certainly nuggets of wisdom that are applicable to be Americans, our friends south of the border would be better off to check out something like I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

On the other hand, the Millionaire Teacher’s advice for Canadians interested in investing is right on the money. The book gives you an overview of your specific investing options as a Canadian. And since it assumes no prior personal finance knowledge it really starts you at the basics and proceeds in a very simple to understand manner. Millionaire Teacher does not leave much to the imagination and tells you exactly how you can take your personal asset management into your own hands. The book goes into as much detail as telling you exactly what mutual funds to buy at exactly which banks.

Even if you aren’t that interested in Finance this book is worth reading. It’s quite short and easy to read and the lessons inside are not only easy to implement, but they’ll serve you well for the rest of your life. Sound good?

Millionaire Teacher – The Final Word:

Millionaire Teacher is a fresh take on a classic and timeless issue – that of personal financial management. The book is focused exclusively on Canadians and should address almost all of your investing questions very well.

For that reason I’m happy to recommend you buy Millionaire Teacher on Amazon and discover these time tested rules of wealth for yourself. You may not be a teacher but you can certainly make it as a millionaire!

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