Long Term Charts of The US Stock Market (S&P and Dow)

Long Term Charts of the US Stock Market (specifically the S&P and Dow Jones Industrials Average) are really useful to modern-day investors. Getting the historical perspective of these long term charts really gives you a more comprehensive view of the stock market.

Taking a long term view of charts can also help put the day-to-day stock market price action into focus. So…

Below are some of the best long charts of the US Stock Market. I have aggregated these stock charts from some great sources, and each long term chart is linked to the original website.

Now let’s take a look at some long term charts of the US stock market…

Long Term Charts of The US Stock Market:

These long term charts really help you understand the cycle of the stock market over a generational time span…

Long term charts of the stock market (Dow and S&P)

Take a look at where the stock market is today, relative to it’s historical behaviour (click to enlarge).

The chart only above was last updated in 2008. But it should put the “bull market” of the last 5 years in perspective. Stock market technicians might therefore contend we are in a cyclical bull market within a secular bear market. Make sense?

Take a look at this long term chart to see how that vocabulary is applied:

Long term chart of secular bull and bear markets

The major market cycles are secular bull and bear markets. There may be multi-year cyclical bull and bear markets during these larger market cycles. (Click to enlarge)

Here’s another long term stock market chart to illustrate the concept of long term bull and bear markets:

long term chart for investing your money in the stock market

As you can see: Over the last 100 years, investing your money in the stock market has been a winning proposition.


And here’s another long term stock market chart that shows how these long term market cycles map to popular valuation metrics. I think this si definitely a long term stock market chart to consider…

Long term chart of S&P composite index

This long term look of the S&P Index shows where we are today, and how that matches up with historical cycles and valuations (Click to enlarge).

Another interesting long term stock market chart shows how the S&P and the Dow have tracked against each other over time…

Long term chart of dow jones industrial average and S&P index

The S&P and Dow long term charts show how the relationship between these indexes has changed over time (Click to enlarge).

Finally, here’s a look at the Real Long Term growth in US Stocks from Ritzholtz.com…

Long term stock market chart inflation adjusted

Although the recent stock market pullbacks have been violent, the market is still above the long term average. note this chart was last updated in 2010 (Click to enlarge).

Hopefully these long term charts of the US stock market have given you some perspective on the rally over the last 5 years, and where we are positioned today. Are we going to be running into a new secular bull market? Or is this just one big counter-trend rally that needs to reset before we can really correct.

What do you think the long term charts of the US stock market foretell?

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