Investment Strategies For Young Adults

Investment Strategies For Young Adults

Don’t end up on a goat farm: Young adults should choose their investment strategies wisely.

Investment Strategies For Young Adults is something I get asked about all the time. And since getting started on the right financial foot is so essential to success in life, I will share my favorite investment strategies for young adults.

But don’t worry…

If you’re a young adult and you don’t have any experience with investment strategies that’s okay too. I promise we can take it slow. The important thing (especially if you’re a young adult) is that you’re thinking about your investment strategies today. Let’s get down to business…

Investment Strategy For Young Adults #1 – Personal Finance Best Practice:

As promised, getting started with investment strategies for young adults is very easy. It basically comes down to good financial common sense. You might have heard these investment-strategy-sound-bites from your parents and thought they were annoying.

But these basic investment management strategies are essential for young adults to master…

  • Get a good job! You can’t invest if you don’t have income.
  • Save money. You can buy stocks online without a lot of money. But you need some capital to get started. Learn to put some money aside.
  • Keep saving money: Ongoing cash flow management is important. I know this sounds redundant but the crux of a great investment strategy is having more cash to invest.
  • Don’t get into debt! Credit card and consumer lines of credit are expensive. No investment strategy will work for you as a young adult if your credit card bills are compounding at 24% a month.

As a young adult you’ve probably heard those so-called “investment strategies” before. But I promised you we would start slow with this investing strategy stuff.  And the truth is…

If you don’t get these investing strategy basics right, nothing else matters. This is the foundation of investment strategies for adults young and old. You need positive cash flow to apply all of the other investment strategies for young adults. So what’s next?

Read The Best Investment Strategies For Young Adults:

As a young adult looking for the best investment strategy, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Plenty of other people have already nailed this stuff down. So why not just read some of the classic investing strategy books for young adults? In addition..

Two of the best investment strategy books for young adults are the MoneySense Guide To the Perfect Portfolio (for Canadians) and I Will Teach You To Be Rich (for Americans). Both of these books do an incredibly great job explaining the best investment strategies for young adults.

And for most young adults, one of those books will be all you really need to learn about investment strategy. The options are pretty straightforward and as an internet-savvy young adult you can manage most of your investments yourself using the strategies in the books above. But when you want to go a step further and actually start putting those investment strategies into practice, here’s what you need to know…

Try Your Investment Strategy – Learn To Buy Stocks and Index Funds Online

Now that you’re generating cash flow and you’ve read about the best investment strategies for young adults, you can feel confident putting your investments to work for you. Generating passive and portfolio income is not something all young adults enjoy, but if you follow your investment strategies you will be one of the lucky ones…

And to make matters easier, learning the mechanics of trading stocks online is actually very easy. It doesn’t matter if you see yourself actively trading stocks or buying mutual funds from your bank. As long as you have an investment strategy that suits your lifestyle and goals as a young adult you are on the path to prosperity my friend.

The other cool thing about learning to trade stocks online is that when you can easily see your money in the account, it’s fun to watch it grow. Keep saving and keep compounding. Time is your biggest ally and will allow you to be a little more risky with your investment strategies – precisely because you’re a young adult.  But now I want to hear from you…

What’s your favorite investment strategy for young adults?

If you’re unsure on investment strategy, or just curious to learn a little more, I encourage you to sign up for more exclusive email-only content using the form below. If you’re a young adult this is an easy way to keep you on track and applying your investment strategies.

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