History of Commerce Infographic: From Cattle to Bitcoin

Can you imagine a world where you couldn’t go online and order a pizza with just a few clicks of a button? What about not being able to order your favorite books on Amazon or collect your freelance design fees through a service like PayPal?

The world wasn’t always right at our fingertips. In fact, people used to trade items like cowry shells and leather money to conduct business. Even further before that, in 7000 BC, the only item you were really able to barter with was whatever cattle you owned. A cattle collection certainly won’t fit in your wallet, and there wasn’t any savings account for you to just put away your cattle and come back to them whenever you wanted.

Commerce has evolved in miraculous ways, so Ecommerce Platforms compiled every crucial step in the process, from cattle trades to mobile payments, and guide you through a little history lesson with the infographic below.

History of Commerce

What Was the First Online Transaction?

Each of the landmarks throughout the 11,000 year history of commerce serve as a reminder of just how quick things have turned us onto a digital world, where all of our money is stored in accounts and this money is transferred through servers and seemingly magical portals that send away our money and return with goods and services.

All of this led up to the wonderful world of online business, where you can even order a car or house online. Heck, millions of people even find love online. But what was that first online transaction?

Pizza hut is known for claiming the crown, since in 1994 the company sold a single pie to one lucky customer who was able to skip talking to someone on the phone. A few years after this claim surfaced, researchers began fact checking and seeing if the Pizza Hut claim was in fact true. Well, it turns out the company might have been a little late to the punch.

Critics claim that Sting’s album “Ten Summoner’s Tales” was actually being sold online to thousands of customers just a few weeks before that Pizza Hut transaction occurred. Regardless of who you believe, the truth arises that these online exchanges led to something huge. Now, millions of companies are conducting business online, and people no longer have to give cash to a cashier at a store anymore. They can simply log onto their computer and get their grocery, clothing and computer shopping done, all without leaving their desk at work or home.

What’s the next big thing to add to the history books in terms of commerce? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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