harvest season

Harvest Season

It’s that time of year: Back to school. Back to work. And time time to tend to the crop.

There’s something about the pending end of summer that always gets me. It probably has something to do with 20 years in the educational-industrial complex.

Nonetheless, after months of fun, frolicking in the sun, my attention starts to turn. I’m focused on productivity, output and grinding my way through the incoming winter months. It’s time to get busy. Seriously.

So here’s to a good September. To pushing yourself. To committing to a course of action and seeing it through – even when things get tough. You can change your direction to your goals, but not your decision to achieve them.

Now let’s make this fall count: With your work, your investments, and your family. Define your priorities, and focus on them ruthlessly. Cut the noise. Build your peloton. And live your life.

I hope you had fun while the sun was shining. But now, the days are getting shorter. Are you ready for it?

Do you feel a change of atmosphere when September rolls around? What are you going to be harvesting in this upcoming semester?