Happy Easter (and One Year of Stock Ideas)

happy easter from stock ideas

Happy Easter from StockIdeas.org!

Happy Easter! I hope this holiday long weekend treats you well. And that you’re able to spend some time friends and family forgetting about the never-ending caprices of the stock market.

It’s time like these that I like to take a step back and remember why I put so much time and effort into finding, analyzing and sharing investment ideas.

After all, if you aren’t able to enjoy friends, family and some holiday food and drink then what’s the point of working so hard?

Speaking of hard work and gratitude:

Easter weekend also marks the first anniversary of StockIdeas.org. It was just about a year ago that I found this domain and decided to start writing more actively about the stock market. In that time, this little web blog has exceeded all of my expectations. We’re now getting tens of thousands of visitors a month, hundreds of email subscribers and lots of great stock ideas, analysis and discussion each and every day. So…

Thank you to everyone who has come by the site, left a comment and shared a link. I truly appreciate everyone who has reached out to me with compliment or constructive criticism.

If nothing else:

StockIdeas.org has taught me there are tens of thousands of amazing investors and traders online. The access to information and analysis is amazing and I genuinely feel lucky to be alive in a time when financial markets are so easy to access and anyone can take financial freedom into their own hands.

Thank you to all the authors who sent me books for review, thanks for all the commenters who asked insightful and thought-provoking questions and thanks to all the email subscribers who gave great content ideas for what they wanted to see on Stockideas.org.


If you’re bored waiting for Easter dinner, check out these investing books, stock pick analysis or finance documentaries. Or maybe you will enjoy the most popular blog post on StockIdeas.org, Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s plenty of great content on stockideas.org to keep you entertain and amused this Easter long weekend.

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.

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