Best Graphene Companies To Invest In

best graphene companies to invest in

Read about these graphene companies to see which one is the best to invest in…

The Best Graphene Companies To Invest In are in high demand these days. Since graphene is promising to be such a revolutionary material, investors and traders alike want to know the best  graphene companies to invest in.

Now as with any new technologies, even the best graphene companies to invest in require a lot of due diligence. Success in the lab does not ensure profit in the open market. And the road to commercialization is almost always a bumpy one. That said, the companies below are some of the best graphene companies to explore an investment in.

Best Graphene Companies To Invest In:

Unfortunately, investing in graphene companies is not as easy as you might think. The publicly traded options for investing in graphene are quite limited. Luckily, there is one mainstream way to get exposure and a couple of over the counter options if you feel like betting more aggressively on the future of graphene.

So let’s take a look at your graphene investing options…

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. (AMS:AMG) is a metal and mining company that owns AMG Mining, which is actively pursuing graphene investment and application. The company is already very active in graphite and is now turning it’s eyes to this next generation material. offers in-depth information on graphene uses and future applications. Of course AMG still has a long way to go, but if you’re looking for a publicly traded graphene option this might be a company worth investigating further..

Applied Graphene Materials in London (LON:AGM) is a UK based company that has a proprietary process to produce specification graphene for a wide range of applications. The company used a private round of funding to develop a production facility and scale. They’re now partnering with commercial and industry collaborators to bring their graphene solutions to market. If you’re looking for a graphene company to invest in it seems like AGM is gaining steam. But that’s no the only UK-based graphene opportunity you can get in on…

Graphene Nanochem: (LON:GRPH) aims to collaborate industry blue chips in developing graphene applications for engineered plastics, electronics and renewable energy. Their first graphene-enhanced chemical, PlatDrill™ is a high performance biodegradable drilling fluid. Graphene Nanochem might be an interesting graphene company to invest in because they’re able to produce graphene at commercial scale. Of course you’ll want to dig deeper to see if they can do this cost effectively, but this might be a graphene company worth researching further.

So now that you’ve seen these over the counter graphene companies to invest in, you might be wondering…

What’s the Best Mainstream Graphene Investing Opportunity?

While the above companies present an opportunity to invest almost exclusively in graphene, there is also a more conservative option to get you exposure to companies working with graphene. Believe it or not…

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK): The big Finnish telecommunications company is also making a play for graphene. While obviously NOK is not focused first and foremost on graphene, they do have their eye on the ball. Recently, NOK (in partnership with the Graphene Flagship Consortium) has received a $1.35 Billion grant to develop graphene solutions. Apparently the company has been actively interested in graphene since 2006.

Of course the downside with this more conservative graphene play is that it’s a much smaller part of Nokia’s business. That means while they may eventually be able to integrate graphene solutions into their entire business, it will probably take a long time to gain momentum.


While these are the best graphene companies to invest in that I can find, if you know of other graphene investment opportunities I encourage you to send them my way! I’d love to see what other graphene companies you’re contemplating an investment in.

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