Good Books For Finance Majors

good books for finance majors

These good books are a must-read for every finance major…

Good Books For Finance Majors can really help you get ahead in your studies. So if you’re studying finance at college or university then the following books will definitely be of interest to you.

So what are the best books for finance majors?

Having read a plethora of investment books I feel pretty qualified to share some good books for finance majors to read. Some of the books are about financial analysis, while others provide an introduction to how the financial system works. In all cases, these are definitely good books for finance majors to read.

So let’s get into it…

List of Good Books For Finance Majors:

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: This classic investing book is a nut read for finance majors. That’s because you’re bound to learn bout efficient market throw in your financial studies. So get ahead of your classmates by reading this definitive text on random market theory.

Security Analysis: This is the definitive text on value investing that every finance major would be well-served to read. If you’re dedicated to learning the ins and outs of company valuation, then Security Analysis is the best book for you. To be sure, it’s basically a text book (so it’s not that exciting). But the content of the book is incredibly important and a very good book to read if you’re a finance major.

The Big Short: Michael Lewis provides some nice context in this book about the most recent financial crisis. This perspective really makes The Big Short a very good book to read if you are a finance major. Understanding how the financial system go to it’s current state of being can help you avoid the financial mistakes that previous investors and finance majors have made.

Confessions of an Economic Hit ManThis tell-all book by John Perkins is a must-read for every finance major. If you’re interested in studying finance and economics then you will really want to read this finance book. Unlike most other finance books Confessions of an Economic Hit Man clearly pulls back the veil and explains how your life as a finance major could unfold.

Confessions of a Street Addict: Jim Cramer is a Wall Street persona like no other. And in his tell-all autobiography Cramer shares how he climbed the ultra-competitive financial services industry and made it to the top. If you’re a finance major then you will really want to read this book to see how your career prospects might play out in practice. It’s one of the best finance books and a good read for every finance major.

Market Wizards: While Confessions of a Street Addict shows you what it takes to rise to the top of the financial services industry, Market Wizards makes it clear there are lots of different ways to extract money from the stock markets. You’ll also learn some of the commonalities that great financiers have in common. If you’re a finance major interested in becoming a trader then Market Wizards is a must-read investing book for you.

Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders: Warren Buffett is the most successful investor of all time. So his annual letters to shareholders are a must-read for every would-be finance major. You can learn more from these letters than eve the best finance lectures. So if you’re studying finance and looking for good books then I really encourage you to check this one out.

So there you have my list of good books for finance majors. If you’re a finance major and you have a favourite book that isn’t on the list above, then I encourage you to share it in the comment section below. What’s a good book you think every finance major should read?

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