Free Online Stock Market Analysis For April 2014

weekly stock market analysis april 2014

Read this post to learn if you should fill up on stocks in April 2014…

I just finished reading David Einhorn’s “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time.” I really enjoyed reading it. And I’ll try to get a book review up soon. But for now…

I’ve moved on to reading more actionable market analysis. And that’s what I want to share with you this morning.

So here are some of the best stock market market analyses from around the web, to prepare you for the first full trading week of April.

Instead of turning on CNBC you’ll be much better served to browse these free stock market resources and get a more accurate view of what the stock market is saying.

Stock Market Weekend Video Analysis:

iBankCoin’s ChessNWine has been spoiling us lately with his weekend stock market video analysis. And this weekend’s video market analysis gives valuable insight into why you might want to be skeptical, even though the S&P 500 is only a few percentage points of all time highs. So if you’re looking for a concise video walk through of what to make of the stock market heading into this week I encourage you to watch this stock market video analysis.

If you’re inclined to pay for perspective, the Weekly Strategy Session provided by ChessNWine can give you even more insight.

The Fat Pitch Weekly Market Summary:

fat pitch stock ideas april 2014

Is April 214 the time to be swinging for the fences, or not?

The Fat Pitch provides an in-depth and objective look at the stock market. And this weekend’s stock market summary is definitely worth reading. Why’s that?

Not only does the technical analysis help shine a light on what’s really happening in the stock market, but it also helps put the current stock market action in greater historical context. So…

While the past isn’t always prologue, it’s nice to know where you are relative to where you’ve been in order to better calibrate your odds of success. I highly recommend reading this weekend’s weekly stock market summary.

Is The Nikkei Topping Out?

Our favourite ForEx gorilla has an interesting post about what’s happening in the Japanese equity markets. To be totally honest I don’t *totally* understand all the correlations. But keeping an eye on other global markets makes a lot of sense for the modern equity investor – especially a market (and central bank) as relevant as Japan.

And the other wonderful thing is that ForexKong consistently calls it as he sees it, which you’ve got to respect. So if you’re looking for a little more information on what’s happening oversees read this post declaring the Nikkei Has Topped, and what it means for you as an equity investor.

Of course…

If you want to follow any of the above trading and investing experts in real time I suggest you check out their Twitter feeds’ where they are always sharing excellent information.

The handles are ChessNWine, Ukarlewitz and ForexKong respectively. While I cherry picked the information above to share with you this weekend, these sources of stock market information are one’s that I’m always careful to keep attuned to. 

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