ETF Ideas for March 10, 2014

march 2014 etf ideas

Are you feeling lucky this March?

I previously provided an ETF Update for March 2014. And now that we’re almost halfway through the month of March I wanted to revisit these ETF ideas. So…

Yesterday I spent some time looking through the updated charts, and shared the results on Stocktwits. In case you’re not active on Stocktwits I decided to compile these updated ETF ideas right here. Now…

You can review the ETF ideas below to help you get oriented in your trading this week. See where the money is flowing in March 2014 to find out which sectors and ETFs present high-opportunity plays.

Updated ETF Ideas For March 10 2014:

Utilities at interesting point on weekly chart. $XLU

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 03:26 PM

$IBB gapped down on large volume and relative strength turning down. Is it just a blip?

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 03:31 PM

$SMH still looking strong. Would you allocate new capital here?$TSM $QQQ

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 03:36 PM

$XLE running into prior overhead resistance. Patience might be required for a little while.

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 03:39 PM

Tech still looking strong. Just grinding along. $XLK

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 03:46 PM

Financials with a bit of a surprise pop last week. Do you expect follow through? $XLF

— Jeff Waite (@jworthy) Mar. 9 at 06:44 PM

So now that I’ve shared my March 2014 updated ETF ideas, I want to hear from you! What ETF ideas are you contemplating going in to the second half of March 2014?

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