Confronting Capitalism Book Review

Confronting Capitalism Book Review

Is Confronting Capitalism the right book for you?

Confronting Capitalism by Philip Kotler proposes “Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System.”

So in this book review, I’ll tell you all about Confronting Capitalism, and what you should expect if you decide to read this book. I’ll tell you my favourite parts and any areas where there’s a little room for improvement. Plus you’ll discover why this book is easy to understand and a worthwhile read. Sound good?

But first things first…

I should thank the good people over at FSB Associates for sending me a copy of the book to review. I am always happy to find new finance books, and this is no exception. Now let me tell you a little more about Confronting Capitalism.


Summary of Confronting Capitalism:

This book, Confronting Capitalism, is exactly what the title suggests. The book is all about looking at the prevailing capitalist system and being honest about where it comes up short. Now to be clear, the author is by no means a communist or someone who overly apologetic for capitalism. But he is realistic that the existing situation isn’t perfect. It’s kind of refreshing.

Confronting Capitalism dedicates one chapter to each of the 14 major shortfalls of capitalism. Most of the issues in each chapter are probably things you’v heard of before, which makes the book quite easy to understand. Things like rising income inequality, environmental exploitation and the “financialization” of American industry are byproducts of our current capitalistic system. And they aren’t exactly positive end results either.

But Confronting Capitalism doesn’t stop at the problems. At the end of each chapter, the author proposes potential solutions, workarounds and strategies to improve our capitalist model. So suffice it to say, when you read Confronting Capitalism you get a high-level view of capitalisms short-comings, and an actionable roadmap to improvement.

Now that reminds me…

The Best Part About Confronting Capitalism:

After giving it some thought, I realized there’s one thing Confronting Capitalism does particularly well. In contrast to other books that criticize the current state of our economic system (The Great Deformation comes to mind), Confronting Capitalism goes a step further.

I really appreciated how the author of this book decided to include suggestions for improvement. That’s because it’s incredibly easy to criticize our existing situation. Anybody can play the blame game. But it takes another type of thinking to sit down and propose ideas to help us move forward (even if they aren’t all absolutely perfect).

I very much enjoyed how Confronting Capitalism starts at the present and looks for realistic ideas for improvement. And since the book is relatively short, the author is forced to be focused and concise when writing about his ideas to improve capitalism. And aside from the fact that you might disagree with some of the solutions proposed in the book, I think anyone can appreciate the constructive nature of drawing attention to these issues and trying to build on them.

Of course, there’s a flip side to this coin…

Is Confronting Capitalism too Simplistic?

Some readers might be skeptical of the idea that can capitalism can be improved upon. But I (perhaps, naively) believe it can. And I think books like this are an important part of the dialogue. The book is well-written, to the point and focused on a clear message. You can’t ignore the points it makes.

The only criticism I foresee from readers is that the book is a little bit simplistic. To be honest, I don’t mind this approach because curious readers can easily research issues they want to learn more about. And it makes Confronting Capitalism an effective primer on the issues at hand.  It’s easy to get started reading this book and once you start you’ll be compelled to finish. So for these reasons, I think the pros of simplicity outweigh the cons. Make sense?

Now let’s finish up this book review…

Confronting Capitalism – The Final Word:

Confronting Capitalism is an interesting and timely book that provides a great overview of the issues facing capitalism. For anyone looking to get up to speed with these issues, I recommend buying Confronting Capitalism on Amazon today.

If you’re still a little unsure, you can also watch the video book review below, to get even more information about Confronting Capitalism and whether or not it’s the right book for you.

Confronting Capitalism – Video Book Review:

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