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The Best Value Investing Stock Screen Ideas

The Best Value Investing Stock Screen Ideas are worth checking out, especially when the stock market is correcting. At the beginning of the week I recommended a large cash position to premium subscribers. And I’m happy I did because as prices continue to pull back, more and more value investing opportunities are presenting themselves. And these stock screens can help you find them. So…

There are a couple of different ways to slice the value investing pie. Take a look at the stock screens below to find the perfect value investing idea for you. Just remember, the market is still correcting, so you probably don’t need to run in and buy the dip immediately. Wait until prices start coming back up a little. Patience pays with value investing and swing trading alike.

The Best Value Investing Stock Screen Ideas:

Since the market is still correcting these value investing screens not only look for stocks with a margin of safety, but also relatively strong price performance. Check em out…

High Flying Value Stock Screen: This value investing stock screen looks for stocks trading at a discount to both earnings and asset value. The unique thing about this value investing stock screen is these stocks are still within 0-10% of 52 week highs. These prior leaders should continue higher when the broad market eventually moves higher.  ASMI and MANT look particularly interesting

high flying value stock screen

Find stocks near 52 week highs that are not overvalued.

Insider Value Stock Screen: While this value investing stock screen doesn’t focus exclusively on high flying value investing stocks, it does identify EPS positive stocks that are trading under book value and have seen recent insider buying.  Be careful because these stocks are mostly financials. NTWK is my favorite on the list but it’s a very micro-cap stock.

insider buying value stock screens

Not only are these stocks trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, but insiders have been accumulating shares.

CAN SLIM Value Stocks:  I love this stock screen because it combines value investing fundamentals with CAN SLIM investing criteria. The idea is to find stocks that (1) are fairly valued (2) have had earnings and revenue growth and (3) they have relatively strong price performance. This ensures you aren’t paying too much for the stock, and there are some catalysts to help you get capital appreciation once the market correction is over. SMI looks like the most promising pick here.

canslim value investing stock screen

Find companies that are showing strong price performance, improving earnings and still fairly valued.

The above value investing screens are some of the best to focus on during a pullback. The problem with focusing exclusively on value investing stock ideas during pullbacks is that without any earnings catalysts the bottom can be a very bumpy process. When you look for cheaply traded stocks that also have signs of earnings strength you can really zero in on some of the most actionable value investing ideas. Make sense?

So keep an eye on these value investing screens yourself during this stock market correction. Do you have any tips on how you like to find value investing ideas?

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