Best Value Investing Blogs

best value investing blogs

Learn what the best value investing blogs have in common…

The Best Value Investing Blogs: If you’re trying to apply value investing in today’s markets then you can’t miss the best value investing blogs. I have been browsing value investing blogs for years and while a lot of value investing blogs have come and gone, the ones listed below have consistently produced some of the best free value investing advice online.

While value investing books like Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor are must-reads for any would-be value investor, blogs are important too. That’s because the best value investing blogs show you how to take the time-tested “margin of safety” concepts and apply them in a modern sense. And when you’re trying to find value investments in today’s market, there is no better place to look than the best value investing blogs.

List of the Best Value Investing Blogs:

Barel Karsan is a value investing blog that has been offering in-depth analysis of stock ideas for years. There are also a lot of business and investment book reviews, which I really enjoy. The blog is run by another Canadian fund manager – so maybe it has a soft spot in my heart. But these guys keep putting out good ideas and share the results of their fund each quarter. It’s inspiring to see others applying the value investing methodology so diligently and I suggest you check it out too. They also provide the valuable service.

AlephBlog  is probably my favourite value investing blog of all. David, the author, is an incredibly experienced investor. And he uses his blog to share diligent commentary and advice for aspiring value investors. This blog would still be good value, even if you had to pay for the content. But it’s free, which is even better. David offers practical and common sense advice to investing, and encourages you to focus on the long term. His 8 rules of investing are a great example of this logical approach.

Classic Value Investors has been around for almost 5 years now. And it continues to offer good guidance and value investment best practice. Although this blog occasionally focuses on macroeconomic stories that aren’t pertinent to value investors, the content is always interesting. And the majority of the blog topics delve deep into specific value investing opportunities. If nothing else it’s always inspiring to see other value investors digging deep into the assumptions and corporate statements the market takes for granted.

Long Term Value is another case of classic value investing being applied every week. Long Term Value often reviews some great investing ideas. But even more than the specific value investing stock ideas, I like the attitude and approach the author of this blog takes. He is careful, consistent and always willing to look at what could go wrong. I think the mindset this offer employs can teach a lot to the novice value investor who is looking for a free blog to learn from.

What Your Favorite Value Investing Blog?

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite free online blogging resources, I’m curious to learn what you think. Do you have any value investing blogs that you consider the best? I’m always looking to expand the value investing resource-pool I pull from, so any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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