The Best Trading System Book Review

The Best Trading System Book Review

The Best Trading System by Chris Beanie Book Review

The Best Trading System by Chris Beanie explains “How To Make Big Stock Market Returns in the Long Run a Trader or Investor.”

The Best Trading System is only 37 pages cover to cover, but it presents an interesting theory for prospering through any market conditions. And to give you some context, Chris Beanie used to be a doctor. But…

Now she spends her days following and trading the markets full time – so you can bet that her methods must be profitable if she gave up such a lucrative career. So…

Keep reading this book review to learn a little bit more about The Best Trading System and whether or not it is the right investing book for you.

Why I Recommend The Best Trading System:

The Best Trading System is actually a pretty simple book. After all, it’s only 37 pages so, you can basically read it in one sitting.  And surprisingly, for such a short book it presents a very interesting idea that can drastically influence your approach to stock market trading.

Chris Beanie does a good job of pulling together a number of well-known ideas and concepts from market legends, like Jim Cramer and Warren Buffett. And then she adds her own interesting twist that opens up a unique way of thinking about trading and investing that most stock market participants don’t even consider.

Although the book itself was quite simple and easy to read, it was this unique and intriguing idea leads me to recommend The Best Trading System as a book that most individual investors should read when they are just starting out. Curious yet? Let me tell you a little more…

The Best Part Of The Best Trading System:

The Best Trading System is focused on one simple idea. And while I don’t want to give the book away, it’s important that you understand what to expect before you go out and buy the book for yourself. So the main thesis of the book is this:

The Best Trading System describes a mindset to investing that blends short-term trading and long term investing. Chris Beanie calls out the pros and cons of each method, and then discusses how you can combine these methods to come up with a stock market approach that can make you money in the short term, as well as create a lasting long-term portfolio that will help you build your wealth for life. Sounds pretty, good right?

The Best Trading System explains why most short term traders fail, and why most “buy and hold” investors don’t get the returns they dream of. Then the book lays out a decision-making framework you can follow to be both a long term investor and a short term trader. The Best Trading System is “the best” because it combines the positive aspects of short term traders and long term investors. Makes sense right?

And truthfully, Chris Beanie isn’t the first person to come up with this idea. One of the more well-known investors that talks about this style is Nicholas Darvas, who outlines this “technofundamentalist approach” in his book “How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market.”

But whereas Darvas’ book only dedicates one chapter to this interesting hybrid investing approach, The Best Trading System explores this idea exclusively. And as an individual or retail investor, if this isn’t something you’ve seriously sat down and thought about then I would recommend reading The Best Trading System for yourself.

But let me just warn you, while this book is pretty good (and I’ve actually re-read it many times), it’s not the holy grail of stock market investing books. So be warned…

Here’s Why You Might Want To Avoid The Best Trading System:

There’s one thing I should warn you about before you rush out to buy The Best Trading System. So let me just say: if you’re a very experienced investor or trader with 10 or 15 years of trading under your belt, you might find this book to be a little bit elementary. Plus…

If you’re looking for specific trading tactics or indicators to watch, then you are probably going to be disappointed by The Best Trading System. That’s because while the book does a great job outlining the theory of Chris Beanie’s intelligent approach to investing, there are only a few short pages dedicated to the charts she watches and the technical analysis indicators she uses on any given trading day.

So just keep in mind that this book is more focused on the theoretical approach – you’ll have to find your own tactics to implement the theory.

The Best Trading System – The Final Word:

The Best Trading System is a pretty good book that I feel comfortable recommending to beginner and intermediate traders. And if you’ve never studied the “technofundamentalist” approach then this book is the best way to get a quick primer in this school of thinking.  Plus…

The Best Trading System book is a really quick read. So I recommend you buy The Best Trading System on Amazon today – and you’ll very quickly get exposed to a new trading idea.

The Best Trading System Details and Video Book Review:

Author: Chris Beanie
Pages: 37
Publisher: Amazon

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