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Technical Analysis VideoI do my best to make free online technical analysis videos to help you find new investment ideas but…

I’m nothing compared to some of the bigger online investment fish.


There are two major money managers whose stock ideas you’d be (literally) wise to watch. ChessnWine and Chris Ciovacco.

And here’s the thing I like most about them: These savvy financial pros focus on delivering actionable technical analysis information on a very consistent basis. You know they are disciplined, committed and focused.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Best Daily Technical Analysis Videos Online:

As I said above, I like that these guys crank out stock videos so often, without compromising quality of analysis. It’s amazing…

ChessNWine’s daily stock market recap videos are a veritable gold mine of stock idea information. The videos are timely, and I love watching them right after the close. It’s especially helpful if you haven’t been able to watch the stock market all day. It’s a perfect summary.


To make matters better, Chess has also started doing chart analysis based on reader requests. So if you are wondering whether a stock idea is ripe to breakout, you might be able to get a hand from your friendly swing trader. You can follow him on twitter, @Chessnwine. Because it gets better…

Beyond the daily technical analysis videos, Chess blogs about thirty-seven times a day. So you can always check his author page on iBankCoin. Each morning, day and night he provides looks at individual breakouts occurring in real time, as well as important market tells.

By the way:

He also publishes a weekly strategy session for members of his 12631 trading group. And while I’ve been a member of the PPT since inception, I’ve yet to check out Chess’s big picture views. I’ll get around to it one of these days.

But in the meantime…

Best Free Macro Technical Analysis Videos

Hands down, Chris Ciovacco provides the best big picture technical analysis you can find for free online. His technical analysis videos are typically a bit longer (15-25 minutes), but they are well worth watching (even if you can only make the time while ironing).

Chris always does a fantastic job pulling together a number of technical indicators and, weaves together a very compelling narrative. By the end of his technical analysis videos you’ll have a clear picture if the stock market is leaning towards a “risk on” or “risk off” environment.

It’s immensely helpful in grounding your market analysis on factual price action. Plus…

Chris also elaborates on some of the more telling aspects of his video analysis in his Ciovacco Capital Management blog. This is a great way to get digest his most pressing stock market findings, even if you’re at work or you don’t have time to watch the longer technical analysis videos.

To keep your finger on the pulse of the stock market you can follow Chris on Twitter @CiovaccoCapital

In short, technical analysis is not the strongest aspect of my investing. So I like to supplement my own understanding with the commentary of verified technical pro’s. And video screencasts are the most effective way to do it. I really suggest you follow the two smart money investors above, and bookmark their blogs for regular reading.

Here’s a video I made about…

Best Free Technical Analysis Videos Online

But I’m curious to ask you…

Who makes your favorite technical analysis videos?

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