Best Day Trading Websites

best day trading websites

The best day trading websites can fill every morning with profit opportunity…

The Best Day Trading Websites can help you make money trading online. So in this blog post I’ll share some of the best day trading web sites that I’ve found online. These day trading website will provide actionable investment ideas and stock picks that day traders can use to improve their returns.

But that’s not all…

In addition to finding great day trading stock ideas, the best day trading websites below also teach you how to find your own day trading opportunities. This means

List of Best Day Trading Websites:

SMB Capital is a prop trading firm that relies on day traders to make them money in the stock market. So it’s no surprise the SMB Capital Blog is an excellent source educational material for beginner and intermediate day traders who are looking to improve their returns.

The Day Trading Stock Blog provides daily stock ideas for traders who are looking for the next up and coming stock pick. I like this blog a lot because (although the design is a bit crowded with ads) the ideas are the opposite of vapid. I appreciate the concise suggestions and actionable day trading ideas this day trading website provides.

Day Trading with Anni is another excellent day trading blog. I’ve been following Anni on Twitter for years now and always appreciate her approach to the stock market. She has a great way of providing perspective to help you from getting overwhelmed by the pressure associated with day trading. It’s no wonder hers’ is one of the best day trading websites.

Dragon Fly Capital’s Greg Harmon also provides great stock trading ideas each day. You can visit their website to find actionable day trading ideas whether you are looking for stocks, options or ETFs. Don’t miss this day trading website!

Last but certainly not least is iBankCoin’s Ragin Cajun Blog. I love all of the content on But RC’s portion of the website is a goldmine for day traders. Each day (and night) RC posts his favourite stock screens and day trading ideas. I love this mix of actionable trading ideas and educational information. If you’re looking for a website with hot day trading stock picks then you don’t want to miss this.

So those are the best day trading websites!

What do you think? If you have more day trading website that you want to see just shoot me an email or drop a note in the comments below. I’ll be happy to update this page to include more day trading, tools, resources and websites as I find them. For now, looking at the day trading websites above should get you started on the right path if you’re looking for day trading stock pick ideas.

One other idea you might consider is a premium service like The Penny Stock Egghead. I haven’t tried this one out myself but it seems to be popular with penny stock day traders.

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