Best Classic Investing Books

Best Classic Investing Books

Don’t miss the best classic investing books

The Best Classic Investing Books can make all the difference in your stock trading. While there aren’t many investing books that have stood the test of time, these are the best of the classics.

So what should you expect from the best classic investing books?

The best classic investing books cover a wide variety of topics. But they all offer take home lessons that you can use to make more money trading or investing in the stock market.

So, here are (in my opinion) the best classic investing books…

List of The Best Classic Investing Books:

  • The Richest Man in Babylon: This is one of the best classic investing books of all time. It’s a very short book that you can read quickly. The Richest Man in Babylon is a series of simple parables that help you remember the time-tested principals of wealth creation. My dad got me this book a long time ago and I have read it many times since.
  • Think and Grow Rich: If you haven’t heard about this classic investing book, you should know the author, Napoleon Hill, compiled the content by interviewing the most successful business people of the late 19th century.  These lessons were then compiled into this classic investing book. It’s one of the best so you won’t want to miss it.
  • The Intelligent Investor: Benjamin Graham is the father of value investing and wrote this classic investment book to make his concepts and analysis a little more easy to understand.
  • Reminiscence of a Stock Operator: This classic investing book was first published in 1923! It’s the slightly-fictionalized account of one of the best stock traders who thrived in the frontier markets of the early 20th century. However although this classic investing book was published over 90 years ago, the lessons in this book are really about the nature of market participants (humans), which have stood the test of time.
  • How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock MarketNicolas Darvas wrote this classic investing book in 1955 after he accumulated a fortune trading in the stock market. Amazingly, Darvas traveled the world as a dancer while trading stocks on the New York Exchange. He hardly looked at the quotes and communicated with his broker periodically by telegram. The reason I think Darvas wrote one of the best classic investing books is because he tells in step by step fashion exactly how he came up with this method for picking stocks. He shares a lot of his mistakes along the way and these classic lessons still apply today – making this one of the best stock market investing books of all time.

There are a lot more investing books that I can recommend. But these are the best of the classics. So if you’re looking for a book to read this holiday season, I suggest reading one of the above. By the way, you can click through on any of those links to read an in-depth book review of these classic investing books. Or watch this short video on classic investing books to learn more…

Best Classic Investing Books [VIDEO]:

So now that I’ve shared my favorite stock trading books, I want to hear from you…

What Do You Think Are The Best Classic Investing Books?

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