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So I guess you want to learn more about stockideas.org? Well…

I created StockIdeas.org to document my journey to financial independence , and help individual investors learn so the same.

Simple, right?

Now, a little more about me, the “brains” behind StockIdeas.org:

My name is . I live in Toronto, Canada. Since a young age I’ve gravitated towards business, investing and making money. Like a lot of other individual investors out there, I’m just trying to push my snowball as big as I can, as fast I can. This blog is about some of my thoughts on that subject.

In terms of my stock picking approach…

I’m a big proponent of using intrinsic value calculations to find investment ideas and stock picks with a margin of safety. I also like to use swing trading techniques to accentuate my returns.

Now for your context, I have invested in a variety of different securities over the years, be it options, common stock or ForEx. But when it comes down to it…

I am by far the most comfortable investing in common stocks. You can keep your bonds, convertibles and preferred shares. For the most part, I’m happy out here with the rest of the common stock owning peasants.

What To Expect From StockIdeas.org:

At StockIdeas.org you can find all kinds of investment tips, resources and ideas. Plus, I’ll throw in some random musings on life and markets for free. So, whether you’re a long term buy-and-holder, or a short term technical trader. I’m especially interested in providing you with educational content so you can “teach yourself to fish” for stock ideas, as the saying goes.

My personal investment tendencies tend to lie on the conservative side, and I hold trades for anywhere from weeks to months using a value and trend following approach. I would like to take this moment to remind you that stockideas.org is just my personal website. I welcome you, but please treat it with respect. You can see the disclaimer for more information on my privacy policy and terms of service.

Lastly, I encourage you to please leave your own trading ideas, dividend plays and return on investment options in the comment section below. I could go on, but you’ll learn more reading the stock blog.

Thanks for visiting stockideas.org

Jeff (aka Jworthy)

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