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Market Masters Book Review

Market Masters Book ReviewMarket Masters, by Robin R. Speziale shares proven investing strategies you can apply.

But before we get into this book review, I should let you know that I actually had the pleasure of meeting the author. And…

As you might expect, he’s a young Canadian investor pursuing financial independence. I was lucky to make Robin’s acquaintance and grateful he extended me a copy of his book to review.

So what should you expect when reading Market Masters? Keep reading to find out what this do-it-yourself investing book is all about. Sound good?.

Market Masters Book Summary:

Market Masters is essentially a Market Wizards style book with a Canadian twist. It consists of interviews with successful Canadian investors (and one notable American). The book is packed full of lessons that can help individual  investors regardless of experience level.

One of the things I liked about Market Masters, is that it covered a wide variety of investing styles. The book starts out profiling notable value investors; but from there, it moves across the spectrum of money making methodologies.

While I’m not afraid to dive deep into a subject, like value investing (for example), I really enjoyed how Robin interviewed such a broad range of investors. It kept the book fresh, and I think as a reader I got more value out of learning from different specialists.

In addition to value, the book contains interviews with very successful growth and fundamental investors, as well as technicians and even a trading psychologist (amongst others).  I think this diverse mix of view points makes this book appealing to anyone with an interest in investing. You’ll have to buy it to see for yourself.

My Favourite Part of Market Masters:

I really liked reading Market Masters. I felt like I was there with Robin as he picked the brains of these investing greats. And overall, every one of the interviews was educational and added value. But if I had to pick one…

I think my favourite part was the interview with Jason Mann from Edgehill Partners. I really like how he looked for opportunities that contained not only value, but also price momentum (and catalysts).

And to be honest…

The reason I liked this part of the book is a little bit selfish. While I’m a fundamental investor at heart, I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with adding technical overlays to my investment decision-making process.

The ideas shared in this chapter really resonated with me because Jason Mann had faced some of the same challenges I did when trying to invest on a value-only basis. I appreciate his desire to figure out how to make money now, while still maintaing a fundamental edge and margin of safety.

But that’s just me.

So at the end of the day:

You might disagree with me about the best part of the book. But that’s okay. And that’s the point. I think anyone can probably take some of the lessons in Market Masters and apply some of the ideas to their own investing.

At the very least…

You’ll probably appreciate hearing the struggles that the market masters have had over the years with their own investing careers. Personally, I always find it validating when I know that other successful money managers have overcome some of the same obstacles I face.

So, I’ve rambled on quite a bit about Market Masters. Are you starting to get the picture about this personal finance book? Well, let’s put a bow on it…

Market Masters Book Review – The Final Word:

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I really enjoyed reading Market Masters. And I think you will too. For that reason, why not check it out on Amazon for yourself?

That said, if you’re still loping for more information, then please watch the video book review below. You’ll get even more information on Market Masters. And (especially if you’re Canadian) you’ll probably find that this could be a great investing book for you.

Market Masters Video Book Review: