Top Home Security Companies In US

Top Home Security Companies In US

Check out the Top Home Security Companies In the US to see which provider is best for you…

The Top Home Security Companies In The US present an interesting investing opportunity. There are a couple of publicly traded home security companies in the United States. And in this blog post we’ll look at three of the biggest home security companies operating in America.

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Otherwise, here are the top 3 home security companies operating all over America. If you want to browse the industry for your self you can check out the Security and Protection Services Industry on When you’re browsing the security and protection industry just remember that a lot of defense companies and commercial security companies are also included. The US security companies listed below operate primarily in the home security market:

Top 3 Home Security Companies In The US:

ADT Corp (NYSE:ADT) is the largest home security company in the US, and it’s a name that rings familiar with many consumers. And with a market capitalization of around $8B it’s not a company to be ignored either. Unlike the larger (Switzerland-based) Tyco International, this American home security company actually has a negative year to date performance for 2013. ADT might be more vulnerable because it’s also less diversified, focusing more exclusively on the home alarm installation and monitoring business. Growth might face headwinds as cable and internet providers are seeking to enter the home monitoring space.

Ascent Capital Group Inc (NASDAQ:ASCMA) is a much smaller home security company operating in the US, but it still has a market cap of over $1B. You might never have heard of Ascent Capital Group, but they are the 100% owners of Monitronics, which is a home security company operating in the United States in Canada. Interestingly, while ADT is making money, it has been facing margin ASCMA is losing money but margins are improving. It will be interesting to watch this story develop. But I’m not ready to put money to work on this idea just yet.

Napco Security Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:NSSC) is a micro cap home security company in the US. The stock is very thinly traded so you’ll want to be careful buying this home security company on the open market. Use limit orders when trying to execute transactions with Napco Security. Your orders will take longer to get filled but you’ll save yourself a large spread. If you’re thinking of investing in this mini-home security company, you should be aware that it’s up 78% this year! I’m not sure if it’s responsible to chase this stock up after such an advance. But a run-up in share price like that makes this home security companies rank as one of the best in the US.

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In the same way that the best gun stocks are a bit of a hedge on the economy, you could also argue that the top home security companies will benefit. Of course you need to do lots more research of your own before trading in top home security companies, but hopefully this blog post will get you started on the right foot.

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