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Best Free Stock Screeners

In my post about stock research, you’ll remember that I talked about stock screeners as a way to save time objectively evaluating stock ideas. I also featured stock screeners as a way to find fundamentally strong stocks under $5 dollars. So…

Here Are The Best Free Stock Screeners Online:

Zacks Stock Screener is a very robust stock screener you can use for free. You can evaluate stocks based on valuation metrics, as well as growth metrics. Another thing that sets the Zacks Stock Screener apart is the ability to scan for broker recommendations. This is something I haven’t seen in many other screeners.

Finviz Free Stock Screener is one of the best free stock research resources online today. The interface is very easy to use and you can scan for an array of technical, fundamental and descriptive factors.  My personal favorite metric to scan using the Finviz Stock Screener is current ratio. The technical pattern rating is also very useful for identifying stocks in a trend. You can also display the results in chart form, which makes it easy to scan through stock picks (see below).

Technical Stock Screener

The FinViz Stock Screener lets you sort by technical pattern and display results in charts

ADVFN Screener: Although the interface on the ADVFN screener is a little bit archaic, you can rely on the functionality. This stock screener boasts the ability to report on a wide variety of metrics and operating ratios. The Graham and Dodd ratios are of particular interest to a value investor like me. Fair warning: it might take you a few minutes to find the functionality as the screener is not very intuitive (see stock screening video above).

So there you have it. Those are the best free stock screeners online. By the way, if you’re looking for criteria to screen your stocks by, you can always check out the stock idea checklist for an objective scorecard you can use to evaluate your stock ideas on a regular basis. Using the stock pick scorecard helps ensure you always make informed decisions buying and selling stock.

So check it out! And start screening for stocks today.

What’s your favorite stock screener?