How To Find New Traders On Stocktwits

Here’s how you can find new traders on Stocktwits

If you’re wondering How To Find New Traders on Stocktwits, you can watch the short video above. You’ll quickly see how Stocktwits is home to a wide breadth of amazing real time investment ideas. So…

You’re well served to find new Stocktwits traders and get the most out of the stock trading ideas they have to offer. It’s a veritable gold mine of stock picks. Seriously…

Here’s How To Find New Traders On Stocktwits:

Howard Lindzon, the founder and CEO of Stocktwits is very diligent about welcoming new users to his social trading information platform. Not only is it an awesome insight into the community he fosters… But, it’s also where you can find new traders (with new stock ideas)…

Just swing by Howard Lindzon’s profile every couple of days. You’ll see him welcoming all the new traders to Stocktwits. You can easily hover over their name to see a pop up of their trading bio. From there, it’s easy for you to engage and see what new stock ideas you can learn from these new traders.

Here’s a screenshot of Howard’s profile, as you can see, his welcome messages make it very easy way to find new traders…

Howard Lindzon New Stocktwits Traders

Howard Lindzon does an admirable job welcoming new traders to Stocktwits.

Since Howard personally welcomes all these new traders, you can just browse his profile to view the newest additions to Stocktwits. These investors are new to the service and very open to sharing and learning new trading ideas – otherwise they wouldn’t have recently taken the action to sign up for Stocktwits!

I recommend you browse Howard’s profile regularly so you can get acquainted with new and engaging traders. And by the way…

How To Find New Traders On Stocktwits

The Welcoming Committee is a great place to find new Stocktwits traders

Stocktwits has recently created a Welcoming Committee – so I guess they are really running with this idea of identifying new traders! The Welcoming Committee will make it even easier to browse new traders as they join this fantastic stock picking platform. Amazing!

And since this video shows you how to find and engage new traders as soon as they’re coming online, you’re more likely to catch them when they’re trying to grow their network.  Thus you can create a lasting and meaningful relationship. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone.

What do you think though?

How do you like to use Stocktwits to find new traders?

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