Best Stock Pickers on Twitter in 2014

best stock pickers on twitter 2014

Give your trading a boost by checking in with the best stock pickers on Twitter in 2014…

The Best Stock Pickers on Twitter can help you find great stock trading ideas. And the great thing about following the best stock pickers on Twitter is all the stock ideas you’ll see are in real time. It’s true…

Twitter moves at the pace of the stock market so the stock ideas you pull from Twitter are usually trading opportunities you can take immediate advantage of. What’s not to love about that? But it get’s better.

You don’t even need to have a Twitter account to take advantage of the best stock pickers on Twitter. You can easily bookmark their Twitter page and check their stock picks from your computer, iPad or phone. Cool, right?

And finally: I tried to keep my list of the best stock pickers short and focused. If you want to find more stock traders on twitter who are sharing their best investing ideas I suggest using a third-party tool like Followerwonk, to Find New Stock Pickers on Twitter. But for now, here are (in my opinion) the best stock pickers on Twitter in 2014…

The Best Stock Pickers on Twitter in 2014:

ChessNWine is my favourite Twitter stock picker. His emphasis on risk management and great swing trading stock ideas is the reason he has tens of thousands of followers. Chess tweets regularly about his stock picks, and writes about them in great detail on his blog. He shares a lot of stock charts that make it easy to understand how you can act on his stock ideas. I really encourage you to follow Chess and bookmark his blog page on, he really is one of the best stock pickers on Twitter in 2014.

RaginCajun is another great stock picker on Twitter who is very active in 2014. RC, as he’s known for short, is an amazing stock picker that shares his stock ideas on Twitter every day. And since RC is primarily a day trader you can easily follow along with his stock trading ideas on Twitter in real time. You don’t have to wait long for RC’s stock ideas to take off – he’s notorious for finding stock trading ideas that are about to pop, and he shares his favourite stock screens all night.

Becky Hiu is a stock picker on Twitter that I have only recently started following. But her approach to finding great stock picks has made her a stand-out contribution in my Twitter stream. I recommend you check out her stream, as well as her blog, to see how she finds stock picks that are about to explode in price. If you’re interested in finding swing trading stock ideas Becky Hiu is a must-follow.

Paul Johnson is another swing trading expert who shares some of his stock picks on Twitter. One of the things I like about following Paul is he’s always talking about what stock ideas are working right now. It pays to have someone like this in your Twitter stream because you are always reminded of what’s working in the market. That’s why Paul is one of the best stock pickers on Twitter.

StockPucker is another of my absolute favourite stock pickers on Twitter. While Stock Pucker is a bit more of a longer term fundamental position trader, the stock picks he shares on Twitter are well thought-out. His blog provides a ton of value in the stock idea analysis that he provides. So if you’re looking for a more fundamentally-focused stock picker, he is one of the best on Twitter.

So, that’s my list of the best stock pickers on Twitter. I tried to omit financial news bloggers and market analysts and focus exclusively on people who provide almost nothing but stock picks on Twitter. I also kept it short so your Twitter stream wouldn’t get overwhelmed. But to be fair…

There are thousands of great stock and option traders on Twitter, so I’d be curious to see who you follow on Twitter for the best stock picks. Please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Best Stock Pickers on Twitter in 2014 [VIDEO]:

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