Best Online Investment Sites

Best Online Investment Sites

Pull ahead of the pack with the best online investment sites.

The Best Online Investment Sites can help you get the information you need to make profitable stock trading decisions.

Without the right investing information, stock picking is hard and expensive. But with these excellent online investment sites you can stay oriented in even the most volatile of markets.

In this short blog post you’ll see some of the best online investment sites around. And one more thing..

I’d also love to hear what your favourite investment sites are. So please feel free to share where you get your trading tips and tactics in the comments below.

The Best Online Investment Sites:

Below are the online investing sites that I think are the best. I have found these sites over the years. Some are newer in the mix and others I have been reading for years now. I hope you’ll find them useful:

iBankCoin: This is one of my favourite finance blogs because there is so much content on it. iBankCoin is actually 5 online investment sites in one. The main blogs of The Fly, ChessNWine, The Option Addict, RaginCajun and Cain Thaler are incredibly informative. This online investment site truly has something for everyone, and that’s why I consider it one of the best!

StockTwits: I have been using StockTwits since it launched back in 2007 (I think). I really like the atmosphere and the information that comes across my Stocktwits stream. It’s definitely one of the best online investment sites because of the ability to curate live updates from your favourite traders and your tickers of interest.

Seeking Alpha: You probably know about Seeking Alpha already. I love that they have conference call transcripts for every company after earnings calls. This saves me a ton of time. Their portfolio dashboard is also a great interface for staying up to date on the stocks you like best. I don’t often recommend giving out your email address or signing up for online investment sites, but Seeking Alpha provides a lot of value – (even for the free account).

ForexKong: I don’t trade Forex. But being aware of the currency movements happening around the world add an entire new dimension to the puzzle of stock market analysis. I find the perspective of ForexKong to be enlightening and often unexpected. This forex investment site provides a very unique (and often contrarian look) at global financial markets.

MarketWatch: MarketWatch is a very robust financial news hub. But my favourite part of this online investment site is the financial section. You can find it by hitting the “financials” tab after you type in any stock ticker. They have a great interface for looking at historical financial statements. I really recommend you check it out.

To see the best features of these online investing sites, check out this short video below:

The Best Investment Sites Online [Video]:

So hopefully that helped you get a feel for why these online investment websites really stand out for me. Each of the sites adds value in it’s own unique way, and together these stock trading sites help give me a holistic view of markets.

One final note about finding the best online investing websites:

You might notice that I didn’t mention any financial news media websites. The reason for this is because I don’t really worry too much about the general headline news. I think markets are inefficient in the short term and it pays more to watch the price of stocks than the talking heads.


I use Google Finance and Seeking Alpha alerts to stay on top of news items for my particular stocks of interest. But that’s the extent to which I actively follow investing news online. Now it’s your turn: What’s your must-read online investment site?

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