2013 STLY Analysis – Stanley Furniture Co

2013 STLY AnalysisStanley Furniture Company (NASDAQ:STLY) is a premium American brand that may benefit from the housing recovery.

Watch this 2013 STLY Analysis below to learn if STLY is a safe way to play the US housing recovery.

2013 STLY Video Analysis:


STLY destroyed in late afternoon trading! More to come!

2013 STLY Analysis

2013 2STLY Analysis Update: Shares of Stanley Furniture Company are down sharply on heavy volume into the close.

2013 STLY ANALYSIS UPDATE #2: Technical Analysis Improving

STLY Technical Analysis Update

STLY’s technicals are improving with a recent higher low. Click to enlarge this STLY Chart

For those of you that have stayed the course in STLY, it looks like the technical analysis is improving. After the steep draw down shown above, STLY went on to make a new high on a strong slug of buy volume. Following indecisive, and eventually violent consolidation, STLY has managed to turn prior resistance into support. As of writing (11/06/2013) It remains to be seen if STLY can put in a higher high. But at this point price action looks encouraging.

3 thoughts on “2013 STLY Analysis – Stanley Furniture Co

  1. Marshall

    Big fan of the STLY value story. Been meaning to get around to doing some “real” work on the company, hoping to get around to it soon.

    1. free Post author

      Hey Marshall,
      Thanks for stopping by. STLY is an interesting (if not slow-moving) idea.

      Expectations are low but it still might take a few quarters to see any revenue growth… so you probably have time for due diligence.

      If it gets back down to 3.30 I might add, but it’s often tough to get filled at a favorable price in this one.

      Thanks again,


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